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  1. September is probably the most consistent month in that area. On average, not a very smoky month either. 2020 and 2018 were just bad years for early Fall. Days on end of 80-85 and lows of 40-45, wall to wall sun. The larger spreads I've noticed tend to only happen in October.
  2. If you spend enough time east of the cascades you'll experience a day that hits 28 in the morning and 80 in the afternoon. I dunno if that happens in Bend a lot but K-Falls had one like that a handful of times.
  3. Finally caught a close one on video. The flash was a lot brighter than how it was captured (kinda behind where I aimed this).
  4. Another thunderstorm rolling in. Since 11pm this is like the 6th cell if you count all the individual little ones coming into the county. Mostly garden variety but still. Got dark outside, looks about 8:40pm and not 9am.
  5. 72, an occasional downpour and lightning here
  6. Small t'storm came thru Ashland, started weak but by the time it went right over the river it started producing some CG's. Had a few close claps about 10 minutes ago. More cells from the west coming in. So flashing from two different areas right now.
  7. The cicadas have started to widen their window of singing. Now anytime from 7pm-9pm! And loud firework just now down my street..
  8. So, Ashland might have been average? I looked at last year and June 2021 was solidly cooler than this one. I guess those 75-79 degree days took down the mean a few notches.
  9. Thunderstorm on the first day of July! 86 degrees and some booms from a few miles away.
  10. Ah, missed this by less than a day, took these 6/30/2021
  11. It rained on at least 10 days in June here, though both of us had a warm one either way.
  12. And uh.. actually 3 of the last 9 were top 3... I forget July 2013 was hot too (Mean - 70.3, #3). That was a warmer month than July 2015 or 2017.
  13. Here's to hopefully a normal July for you guys. July has run probably the largest anomaly from mean where I used to live.. 2 of the last 8 years had a top 2 July at KLMT. July 2021 Avg High: 91.7 (+7.7) (#1) Mean: 71.0 (+4.9) (#2) July 2014 Avg High: 90.6 (+6.6) (#2) Mean: 71.5 (+5.4) (#1)
  14. Very briefly had a low of 70 here.. 75 right now and kind of a light soggy haze. Not enough to obscure the view of town. Still waiting to see what June's rainfall was in Ashland, but looks like 5.25" fell in May. I would estimate around half that fell (or less) in the last month. February is the wettest so far with 5.82".
  15. I'm curious what Dec 1 - Feb 28 looks like on this map. December may have torched but we had some very wet storms here in Ashland.
  16. June didn't seem like my wettest month in Ashland. Even though it was my stormiest month of the year so far. The most thunders as well as the highest frequency of lightning. Possibly in some localized spots June came up there on precipitation. I grabbed monthly totals from the nearest city with the most up to date numbers and data is not so sketchy. Right now Ashland only goes out through April.. This list is from Huntington Tri-State Airport in West Virginia. Jan: 4.97" Feb: 5.75" Mar: 3.25" Apr: 3.21" May: 4.70" June: 3.15" June turned out to be the driest, even though every month had above average figures. I read the winter is not supposed to be one of the wetter seasons. January and February both make top 2 at HTS. You never know what weather brings from year to year. I didn't have my first t'storm until March.. so that is a lot of regular rainfall I guess this area isn't used to seeing.
  17. Was October 1949 dry or wet? It seemed like a lot of the time we had a dry October in the PNW the winter was so-so or at best had average snow. I know November 1949 was top tier warm. As was 2016/1995 and a couple others I'm trying to remember.
  18. 93/61 today.. Tonight will be warmer, but at least some of the highs ease a few degrees on the forecast going forward. If I'm lucky, today was the hottest day through mid-July. Some cicada audio! Had to do several takes so that there was nothing else interrupting the focus.. like cars, dogs, kids. MVI_5019.MOV MVI_5018.MOV
  19. Yeah that was right after Labor Day. The air was bad too in southern Oregon but I don't think we had any blood red skies. More of a shade of brown in Klamath Falls.
  20. Sounds like the Swamp Cicada is the one I heard earlier. And as described, can be heard in the morning through noon. I sampled all the cicadas and I'm pretty sure when I lived in Klamath Falls I heard the Hieroglyphic Cicada. Or is there one related but not listed on that link? Maybe one migrated to southern Oregon and just liked my place. None of the other audio samples had anything that similarly high-pitched.
  21. There's still the scissor grinder cicada every evening at a certain twilight (between 8:40-9:00pm), there hasn't been one evening I didn't hear it! Thanks for the link
  22. Is Iowa normally that dry? Crazy difference in climates. I'm racking up the thunder days and I think July/August will double what I have logged currently.
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