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  1. Still learning about Lake Effect Snow. I for sure would not be the guy to ask for a snowfall forecast in that area. Didn't know it could be dry in nature (my newbie brain thought that by lakes supplying more moisture therefore = wetter, lol). The 20:1 ratios explain some of the really high amounts. I have on a rare occasion seen a 20:1 ratio in Klamath Falls but the average was more around 12 or so.
  2. Not sure if posted here, saw Firsthand Weather on facebook post this yesterday. Orchard Park NY.
  3. Insane snow in NY, heard some broke 24 hour snow records! I'm assuming that was an annual record broken? Folks haven't had their turkeys yet.. Meanwhile, only gotten a couple of traces in Ashland. I bet at the end of the month we get our first measurable snow.
  4. I went sort of quiet, yeah. Weather hasn't been as eventful, but Fall (and hopefully more rain!) returns in a few days. We had a few above average days, complete turn around from how we started Fall.
  5. A cold bite to the wind today! It feels like November. 55/43. Wind chill feels like upper 40's.
  6. It gave me a direct download, so I viewed it using vlc player.
  7. Looked like there has been only 2 or 3 measurable rainfall days at the place I left since 9/1. Pretty dry. Late October can surprise. There was around 2.5" rainfall from 10/22 to 11/2 last year in KFalls. I hope that pattern change works out for you guys.
  8. I might get a high in the upper 40's coming up early next week. Chilly!
  9. This Fall didn't seem all too different from 2020 there (just without an extreme east wind event). So what was good about that?
  10. 1" inch hail reported in Coal Grove, OH from that storm. That's only a few miles from here. That was a good call assuming others had larger hail. It looked pretty good on radar.
  11. Had my first hailstorm of the year! Wasn't very big it looks like the northwestern parts of town could have had bigger stones. 1/2" size here. Some good lightning and booms too.
  12. I haven't had a t'storm in 5 weeks, lets get some action today!
  13. Last year was a later start for freezing lows. Looks like our first one was in Nov 2021, however there was probably a frost on 10/27 (33 that day). I would say October 9 is a tad sooner than established average first freeze, still.
  14. Ashland got down to 30 this morning. First freeze of the new cold season!
  15. I'll clean up my signature soon to make way for 22-23 winter, and just have some highlight info from 2022 on there.
  16. Got the cruiser cleaned up on this fine crisp 59 degree day! It feels like Halloween is around the corner. Some dummy smashed into one of the vacuum machines with their car.
  17. And, a woolly bear just happened at my place. Massive weather to follow...
  18. Uh oh, someone get @Phil on the phone. One of these guys is in my backyard right now.
  19. I'm enjoying this Fall in eastern Kentucky! There hasn't been a "warm" day in a while. It could be a tad wetter, but I like these mornings in the 40's.
  20. I didn't realize how warm October 2021 was here right before I arrived in town. Think this October runs a cold departure? (Even though it didn't get to 90 here last Oct, it had warm lows...)
  21. I noticed Paducah hit 100 two days in a row through yesterday. They broke their record latest 100 reading I'm told.
  22. The weather actually listened to the calendar this year. A much cooler 74 degrees for a high today (from 93 yesterday) and wind gusts following the passage of a cold front. Fall arrived on schedule. I realize we've had several drops in temps like this over the last few months, but, no days warmer than 76 show on wunderground 10-day. A few 60's in there to end September even!
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