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  1. It's been raining all day down there, kinda hard to hit hot temperatures like that!
  2. >90 - 53 >85 - 74 >80 - 102 And 80+ can continue into early October. But I hope we don't this year.
  3. 81/36 here. Now I gotta tally all of the 80+ burgers I've eaten in 2021.
  4. That makes a lot of people due for something over the next year (and winter ).
  5. Low of 37 here, 83-82 is a realistic high this afternoon. A tiny bit of the smoke is back, hopefully that sees its way out the door shortly.
  6. I spent most of an afternoon/evening in Eugene in summer 2010, they were 60's with windy conditions while most locations hit 70's that day. I think it was in August. I gave in and had to put a fleece jacket on during my stay. I thought that was strange.
  7. 85/39 today. Called it. Probably the last 85+ though. Winter is coming, trash pandas will be looking around for food soon.
  8. Yeah not just warnings, but also the number of SPC watches was pretty low I noticed this year. There have been years SPC was at the 500 benchmark in May/June. The PNW usually sees a few SVR Thunderstorm Watches but don't think there was one at all. How many years ago did we not have one? You'd be in the same boat if Medford had to cover your county in their CWA. And two radars cannot properly see things less than a thunderstorm in Lane Co unless we built another one on the coast.
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