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  1. Moderate rain here! I thought the moisture was supposed to taper down at this point according to a previous AFD.
  2. So I guess Medford got no rain out of this. They're pretty dry for Spring.
  3. The ground is wet out here and it smells quite nice compared to the last couple weeks. Back to sleep I go, maybe this is just the start of more rain.
  4. Hopefully at least 1/2" or more down here. Looks like the SW OR coast gets a decent amount.
  5. I do! But don't surprise us with any big hobo spiders at the end
  6. Might not be until beginning of June before our area starts blooming (late April is typical).
  7. Rain in the forecast here too this weekend. There's even one day with a high of 49.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if folks still complain about rain with how dry it is.
  9. NWS Medford was mentioning some of the PW's have been reading near record levels for this time of year. Last precip day was nearly one month ago.
  10. I would think most of the fires could be more localized and not go out of control like they did last year. Just a theory though.
  11. Going on a 8-month long stretch of dry months doesn't sound too good in southern Oregon, but I am curious if delayed growth might slightly ease some of the fire season or make it worse? We do have lots of brush still at the very least. The last time I recall a significant rainfall (heavy) was the severe thunderstorm on August 5th and that is a bit ridiculous.
  12. Why is it these things are scarier than my centipedes Nice way to start the morning
  13. This is still no April 2016 though. I would need a +5.0 Mean at the end to qualify And, lots of thunderstorms which might entirely be missing until May here.
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