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  1. Maybe close to? EUG is addressed in Eugene. I have been through there at least 3 times and never crossed my mind.
  2. Unincorporated community, so I bet most Oregonians have never heard of it. I had to google that.
  3. That's one of my favorite ones. To think if that happened now west of the cascades, it would be crippling. Even my town would probably shut down for a week.
  4. It's amazing you can excel both in rainfall and snowfall, some locations struggle to do both. lol
  5. In the 90's we've had 24-30" depths, drifts like 40 or so. If I wait long enough I might see it again.
  6. I was switching from snow event to rain to snow and back to rain multiple times in Feb 2019. It snowed nearly 3 feet but my max depth was 9.5" I guess you won't like winters in K-Falls.
  7. 42 degrees for 4 hours straight. Interesting to see that. Rain should start soon here. It's been in SW Oregon for 12-14 hours and just now progressing forward.
  8. And two of those in a row. My coldest high in Dec 2013 was 6 and that was after -20 for a low.
  9. 42 degrees, now it feels more like an atmospheric river. It was 30 when I went to bed. Let's get this rain started!!
  10. The calendar you're asking? Wunderground before they made changes, had these screenshots for a few years. Now it's hard to use their pages.
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