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  1. The 70's are not done! Nice day. Not counting all those burgers though.
  2. One of the trees on the property has already dropped all its leaves on October 16. I'm pretty sure this same tree normally does this around or close to Thanksgiving. Though there are other trees that have yet to complete color transformation.
  3. It rained up here when I was moving into this house 2/1/2012; now it could be snowing while packing up and leaving end of October!
  4. Trying to imagine anything drier than the .07" that fell 9/1 - 10/31 here last year. Guess it's happened before!
  5. Assuming it was similar to the Labor Day 2020 fires? I can't imagine a traditional PNW wind event causing that much less in the smack middle of Fall.
  6. Another clear blue day. Just now learning about a firestorm that happened 10/16/1991 near Spokane? Sounds unusually late in the year to be getting stuff like that.
  7. Interestingly both 10-11 and 11-12 did feature a dry month in the mix just for kicks. If we get another splitty January I feel that before and after that will end up different.
  8. Those were both back to back ski resort seasons at least. No shortage of snow where it counts most.
  9. Happened twice in the last decade. This will be the third pair in the last 12 years.
  10. Looking forward to the "wetter" 2nd half of October. It ain't gonna be no 2016 but it's progress.
  11. Didn't realize yesterday's low of 17 was a record. Previous was 19 on 10/14/1966. That's at least 2 record lows so far this month.
  12. With all the days below average this should still be a solid cool month.
  13. That one made top 3 snowiest 7-day snowfalls 2010-2021 but who knew it would get bone dry the following 6 weeks?
  14. Monday's high of 49 was chilly, I'm not sure where to find record "cold highs" - but here's 10/11 other years. I think it might be 46 (?) but has no year next to it. 2021: 49 2020: 62 2019: 64 2018: 62 2017: 50 2016: 68 2015: 73 2014: 69 2013: 57 2012: 75 2011: 59 2010: 64 2009: 70 2008: 48***
  15. Photo credit Michael Trofimov (La Center and Battle Ground). Sharing these from facebook.
  16. I could understand how that month lacked fog; simply was too busy throwing storms at us every 3-5 days.
  17. In 2016 I would have already had at least 2 wind events around 55mph. The rain felt more tropical as well.
  18. 2010 also didn't "blow its load early", the snow machine kept giving through mid-Spring and someone had to unplug the D**n thing.
  19. Some places had their first snow this morning in the Pendleton CWA. I had a couple light showers come through overnight but no snow yet.
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