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  1. The "low solar = big blocking theory" has taken a big low blow.
  2. Fred can but I can't. Fred probably knows we'd be down about a half dozen members if I had that authority.
  3. It's the same one as lapine lurker. What are the odds?
  4. They are all the same. It was kind of funny at first but I assume iFred will ban him/them again.
  5. It was me, back in 2014. Newer people won't get some of the references. I was going to bump it up if this thing busted, but maybe I'll do it anyway.
  6. I've been in that kind of cold before, and I didn't like it.
  7. If Feb 2019 had occurred a month earlier, we wouldn't have had pages and pages lamenting the Nino winter.
  8. I know you like the anomaly maps but in events like this I prefer the actual forecasted temps. -6c is usually the magic number for me in NW flow.
  9. I was over there on Sunday. Visibility was about 100 yards in some spots.
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