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  1. You're probably right. I'll try to find a picture when I get home.
  2. I've been there too. I was warned not to park my motorcycle under the large sequoias. The pine cones are huge and could put a serious dent in something when they fall from on high.
  3. I expect a cease and desist order from Cliff Mass is imminent.
  4. I'm back in the Phoenix area this week. Some massive thunderstorms rolled through to the north and south of me on Wednesday, but I only got a few drops. There were several flash floods in the vicinity. This area needs a lot more monsoonal action to compensate for the years of drought.
  5. Some areas around Phoenix received 2"+ of rain yesterday, more than the entire monsoon season last year.
  6. There's a whole thread dedicated to climate change.
  7. The Phoenix neighborhood I'm in reached 114 yesterday but already up to 115 today. This summer is the second earliest low of 90 on record. The hellish streak of heat and no rain continues for a second year.
  8. I'm in Phoenix this week where it reached 115 degrees yesterday under smoky skies, tying a record from the 1890's. Yesterday was the unofficial start of the monsoon season. We did get some 50 mph gusts, lightning, and a little rain from a dying thunderstorm last night.
  9. I'm in the Phoenix area this past week where there was a little rain the last two days, but the drought rages on. The hellish summer and fall killed off a lot of plants, even some of the 100 year old Saguaros.
  10. Let's keep the politics and global warming to the proper threads. No need to scare away the new members so soon.
  11. The "low solar = big blocking theory" has taken a big low blow.
  12. Fred can but I can't. Fred probably knows we'd be down about a half dozen members if I had that authority.
  13. It's the same one as lapine lurker. What are the odds?
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