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  1. Snow is about gone. It was a pretty decent late winter showing.
  2. The John Day airport finally broke the 1 inch mark for precipitation this calendar year.
  3. I don't normally post snow pictures since it annoys some people who don't score, but here's a few.
  4. I had about a foot of powder Thursday and Friday, down to 5"- 8" now. Got at most another inch last night.
  5. I don't think Mark Nelsen likes the winter weather as much as he used to. From his blog - Will the metro area be a snowy, frozen hell-scape all day Thursday? No
  6. Wife said there is currently 4" - 5" at the house now. Was only an inch when I left for work at 5 am this morning.
  7. 18"-20" at my place. #3 on my list for 24 hour snowfall totals imby.
  8. Even if the PV did die an early death this season, it would take several weeks to work its way to the surface. I don't see any impact on next week's snow and cold.
  9. I'm a little skeptical of these numbers. The John Day airport has only gotten 3.28 inches of water since Oct. 1st.
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