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  1. You have pine trees in your front yard?
  2. Eastern Oregon is still below normal in precipitation.
  3. I think you mean 29' circumference. From a news story in 2008: Meet Big Tree, a monster that draws oohs and aahs from most every camper who veers off U.S. 97 and makes the pilgrimage to La Pine State Park west of the town of La Pine. The 500-year-old tree, also called Big Red, lives not far from the Deschutes River in a shady grove of pines, which look puny in comparison. It's about as pretty a setting as there is in an Oregon forest, so there should be no surprise that Big Tree has stuck around long enough to become a monster. How big? 191 feet tall. How fat? 326 inches in circumference. How wrinkled? Well, the gnarled red bark is so furrowed that an Iowa farmer could raise a crop of corn in it. This Oregon Heritage Tree would be the biggest of its species, except that its crown snapped off in a storm. Oregon's champ has 31 more inches in girth than the largest ponderosa pine of all in California, but it loses points for being 36 feet shorter.
  4. And @DJ Droppin wins 1,000 reputation points.
  5. A few people here used to give credit, or at least partial credit, to the solar cycles. They predicted more blockiness due to fewer sunspots.
  6. Eastern Oregon typically gets lots of snow in Ninas, but not this time.
  7. It's been windy in Phoenix the last 12 hours. Gusts up to 30. There was some snow in the northern part of Arizona. Too bad I missed the spring training games.
  8. I open two tabs in the browser, both on the weather forums.
  9. I'm in the Phoenix area this week. Sunny and 72 degrees with no rain in sight.
  10. Unfortunately eastern Oregon got next to nothing. John Day recorded .02".
  11. Given the GFS track record, I wouldn't call it bleak yet. The EPS looks better.
  12. You follow them more closely than I, but from the ones I followed the Rossby wave initiated over the Himalayas and pushed one of the nodes over the Pacific.
  13. When was the last time one split from that direction? Maybe it will jumpstart the Atlantic hurricane season, if it splits as modeled.
  14. Phil already poo-pooed it in the PNW section.
  15. I'm waiting on my AZ trip until I know what's going on with spring training.
  16. My mother lives about 15 minutes from the Mariners/Padres facility. I'll be visiting in March, assuming the lockout ends.
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