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  1. Down to 37 here. Wouldn't be surprised to see some flakes mixing in as some returns are coming across the Sound.
  2. Heavy sleet in West Seattle. Ground is turning white.
  3. That band moving through the metro is rain here
  4. Solid moderate snow here with big flakes as those bands roll in from the southwest. No sign of a transition yet.
  5. 31F with very light snow. 1 inch of new snow accumulation today so far.
  6. Big dendrites with that band stretching from the Kitsap Peninsula to the Seattle metro down towards Kent
  7. Will be interesting to see how long we can stay snow today with those winds still coming out of an easterly direction. Yesterday’s models showed us hanging on to snow till late in the afternoon. The ECMWF show 2.5-3 in. here. Temperature currently 30F.
  8. Things may start out drier but as we get closer to the transition, the lower parts of the boundary layer will increase slightly above freezing which allows for melting and wetter snow. We'll see dew points increase with increasing moisture/warm air advection.
  9. NAM 3km 06z indicating the possible of some heavy wet snow before the transition to rain later in the morning.
  10. Hopefully this makes more believers of the Kuchera ratio.
  11. Dumping snow under that band moving in to the central Sound now.
  12. I'm not sure. You're best bet would be to monitor the radar imagery. Surface wind streams reveal and axis of convergence is located over the southern Sound which favors precipitation to the north it where there's still upper level divergence.
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