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  1. We still have several days for things to change but the trend is not our friend.
  2. ECMWF 00z looks weaker with the low and is also much warmer than the GFS.
  3. Pretty big shift. Wonder if we’ll see a stronger low in future runs which is not necessarily a good thing as it’s going to kick up the southerly flow and by the time it gets cold enough the easterly gradients cut off the precip.
  4. To each their own This is not a good run if you're hoping for lowland snow. Snow maps are pretty to look at, but top-down analysis reveals marginal conditions at best for the lowlands. Hopefully I won't be in Seattle anymore for that next event.
  5. I will be canceling my weathermodels subscription and possibly going to weatherbell although I despise Bastardi. Here’s why: 1. Weather Models UI is terrible. Too many clicks to get to what I need to. 2. Mobile experience is undesirable. Tiny buttons to click between frames. 3. Data output is slow compared to public sites. I do like the comparator though even though it’s cumbersome to setup.
  6. Yeah although right now it's coming in at a bad angle. Definitely don't want to see it strengthen till it's gotten further enough south. The negative tilt is just gonna push the system over WA as it stands.
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