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  1. It's a well-known fact that if you're a met in Nebraska named Rusty, you have to be super petty on social media.
  2. God he is terrible. He's not consistently conservative for any reason other than to own the weenies. I'll never forget the 2/23/2019 blizzard where he wrote an essay ranting on social media weather profiles and then forecasted, like, an inch as a direct counter to them.
  3. Both NAMs had a couple tenths of an inch here today, the rest of the models had absolutely nothing. To say models shat the bed here would be an understatement.
  4. There's a fluffy inch down now. Of course because it's North Dakota, some spots have 0" while others have 5". I'll easily make a run at 2" judging by radar.
  5. Definitely more has fallen than the originally forecasted trace.
  6. To my surprise it's ripping pretty well out there. Radar is building to the South. 17*F. Good luck to Nebraska and Iowa people. Wish I could get more out of this, but it's impossible with January climo.
  7. Just give me 3" at this rate. Cover the ground so this can at least resemble winter here.
  8. Was in Grand Forks tonight for work. Drove thru moderate snow coming home. About 1.5" of powder on my balcony. 4*F.
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