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  1. Our average first frost is 9/18. It's looking like we will go well into October without one. It's like we're overcorrecting for last year where our first frost was in early September. Mid-70s and mid-50s are nice and all, but I'd rather not have every day be just that going into the second week of October, when colder weather becomes more supported by climo. Averages right now are upper 60s/mid-40s. PS: Grids are showing 86 on Tuesday.
  2. No frosts yet, it only hit 41 here. Higher elevation areas to my west did see frost.
  3. Well into the 80s on Tuesday and probably not getting below 60 that night. Really thought we were done with that sh!t but looks like I get to run my AC again!!!
  4. My teams are 2-1 on the day. Oregon state isn't one of my teams but I just want USC to lose.
  5. Astros losing the last 3 does not spark confidence in me. Thankfully the M's losing tonight will bring the magic number down to 2, but I'd rather not limp into the playoffs.
  6. I'm in Baudette. There are definitely colors, but I'm noticing some bare trees already. Pretty depressing. 70°F.
  7. Survivor is good once every few seasons. I'm also a guilty pleasure fan of Hell's Kitchen, even though it'll be a while before there's another season of that.
  8. Persistent light rain for the past few hours here. 55°F.
  9. Scattered thunderstorms happened this evening here. If you've ever been to the gulf coast and seen the radar on your average summer afternoon there, that's how the radar looks here. Really not helpful to the drought. Expecting a bit more with the fropa. 70°F.
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