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  1. The general consensus around the F-M metro is 1.3-1.4". I'll take it when combined with Monday's total.
  2. Had about a minute of small pings on my air conditioner. Still raining heavily.
  3. Winds weren't overly impressive, but the rain is definitely appreciated. It was 82 before the MCS moved in.
  4. Today's our first day with humidity and we have a heat advisory to show for it. DP is currently 68. Thankfully the corn isn't tall here yet or else we could be well into the 70s.
  5. 77mph gust reported about 20 miles South of me in Wolverton, MN.
  6. Glad to have been wrong. First legitimate thunderstorm of the season and it's a doozy. Haven't reached the core yet.
  7. I'm... not impressed by the severe potential. DPs are trash and CAPE is marginal. Good critical angle. Looks like the biggest threat will be large hail followed by maybe a weak tornado. Slight risk looks like it was the way to go here.
  8. First slight risk of the year here tonight. I'll comment on it in a bit. Pretty bold statement by FGF, though:
  9. GFS and Euro both look rather wet next week. GFS brings more convection, while Euro advertises an SLP rolling through and bringing a decent spell of moderate rain here. I will take either at this point, just anything to put a dent in this stupid drought.
  10. There are already water restrictions in some of the smaller towns here. It's gonna be bad if this pattern continues a couple more weeks.
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