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  1. KFAR is actually at approximately 133% of normal precip since September 1. What a change. Still at about 70% on the year, which is way better than the nearly 50% it was at the peak of the drought. Rivers are flowing again!
  2. Don't talk sh!t about hockey lol. I have season tickets and it's my favorite sport. In my experience, it's the only sport where you get an adrenaline rush as a spectator.
  3. The bees are still horrendous here. Thankfully looks like we only have about a week left of them.
  4. I saw one this year! Only one though. I want the bees gone at this point lol
  5. Yeah, that's an... Odd outlook. It looks like they looked at GFS and based it solely on that. Euro actually has the high plains being pretty chilly.
  6. There was a confirmed tornado near Crete, ND earlier. The same storm line is moving into Fargo now, albeit with no tornadoes. I'm in Bismarck right now for work purposes. Clearly, the cold side of this system is here. 47°F and constant mist.
  7. Insane that a Pacific cyclone is expected to remain tropical into North Texas.
  8. Stros won! Thanks Tepera! Bonus points for Altuve getting a garbage time HR after fans cheered for him getting beaned.
  9. Hit 35*F this morning with a decent breeze. First time I've felt legitimately cold stepping outside all season. Last year, that happened in early September. Better very very very very late than never I guess. 56*F.
  10. Between that and a god awful ball 3 call to Grandal in the 3rd inning that resulted in 5 White Sox runs, horrible game for the HP umpire.
  11. The HP umpire for this game needs to be prosecuted. Apparently this is my 9000th post. Mazeltov!
  12. Euro is less depressing than GFS. Still dry, but at least temps are about average. Just gimme a freeze, man.
  13. I was at a hockey game the entire time so I didn't really care. Still got a decent bit of rain. Drought areas to my west received the brunt of it which I'm fine with. I'll take my inch and let them have their 4. I will say, the grass is actually saturated. Only took till October for that to happen!
  14. GEFS is just depressing. Gives us an Oklahoma climo.
  15. Yeah, it was never outright said that that's what he did. But given what his wife said on Facebook, that wouldn't surprise me. Anyway, that's not something that needs to be discussed here.
  16. Remember Dean Wysocki? Dean Wysocki from Lincoln? Yeah, well he's at WDAY in Fargo now. Douchebag human being but still a good met.
  17. Flagstaff is getting down into the teens. Meanwhile, I haven't even gotten to the 30s yet. I'm not salty, you're salty.
  18. 13-14th should have a lot of moisture to tap into down there. Not as much when it's up here. I might get a few hours of rain followed by a windstorm.
  19. I'm not about to discredit it, either. I know of very reputable mets who believe in the LRC and swear by it. I just don't use it as a forecast tool to the extent that some on here do. It's a cool theory.
  20. No. I think weather does what it wants, when it wants.
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