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  1. This message is brought to you by Pfizer. In other news, gas is $5.09 at Costco!
  2. Same. I think it's ridiculous that cost has to be a consideration when going to seek essential medical care. I had to get an endoscopy a couple of years ago and I had to make sure I could actually pay for it before getting it. Unfortunately, I don't see an easy solution.
  3. I gave it to my grandma and she didn't have it as bad as I did.
  4. Nope, everything has been out in the desert. A LOT of rain out there.
  5. The coast never had a chance for anything really. I was skeptical of the Inland Empire even getting anything, and so far I look like I'm probably right.
  6. I'll be honest, I'm.... not too impressed with rain potential in the Inland Empire today. I think storms will flourish over the desert before fizzling out as they head over the canyon into MoVal. I actually think the Inland Empire has a better shot tomorrow, despite the SPC not thinking so.
  7. I'm not even saying this from a let's go Brandon perspective, or any political perspective for that matter. Obviously a recession would have negative consequences, but with the ridiculous prices at the grocery store, investors buying up every affordable house south of the Mason-Dixon line, and labor shortages... There might be more of a silver lining than there was in 2008.
  8. Yeah, it's spreading like a wildfire right now. I think my grandma and I got it at the start of the wave, as my symptoms lasted from July 6-10. The good news is that people who aren't journalists or Barbara Ferrer don't really seem to care anymore.
  9. There's one gas station on my way to work that's always the cheapest in the city. It was $5.19. $5.19!!!!!!
  10. Unfortunately, a recession might be what the country needs right now.
  11. Not getting my hopes up, but last time I didn't get my hopes up, we had a pretty good downpour.
  12. That was a really weird statement he made. Apparently he meant melanoma that he had treated before he even took office. https://nypost.com/2022/07/20/joe-biden-says-he-has-cancer-in-possible-gaffe/ Bringing it up during a climate change speech as if he currently has cancer is definitely weird and doesn't get him any brownie points.
  13. I gave it to my grandma and she was fine. In fact, she seemed to have handled it better than me despite her cough being a bit worse.
  14. He has a history of trolling. Thought he finally left the forum forever but I guess not. Carry on.
  15. Why was this moved to the everything else forum? The purpose of this thread was to consolidate posts that b!tch and moan about unfavorable weather patterns in the Midwest forum to one thread so that it didn't bring down the mood in the weather threads. It has served its purpose well and should be moved back and re-pinned. Edit: I see hawkstwelve moved it so he's probably not aware of the history that caused this thread to be created in the first place, but yeah, it needs to be there. A few loose fingers sorta hijacked this thread and turned it into politics, but that's not what it's supposed to be. It's 100% about Midwest weather.
  16. Definitely improved today. For the first time since this started on Wednesday, I actually have a productive cough. I also have nearly 100% energy. At this point it just feels like a cold with a slightly worse sore throat. Sore throat peaked last night, probably the worst I've had in my life.
  17. Wow, that outlook looks like the one from last year! And the year before that! And the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year the internet was invented.
  18. It is definitely widespread, contrary to the data and backed up by wastewater. I'm one of 4 people that I know currently has it.
  19. I think I'd rather have it the way you had it. This sore throat is agonizing, to the point where it hurts to drink water. Thankfully everyone I've talked to who's had this variant recently say that the sore throat went away after 3-5 days.
  20. Headache is on and off (better than yesterday when it was just on), but throat pain is overall worse.
  21. I have COVID for the first time since the pandemic began! Sore throat, headache, loss of appetite, and just feeling generally sh!tty. I'm not miserable, the symptoms are just annoying.
  22. The past couple of nights in the Inland Empire have had a nice cool breeze, almost felt like I was on the coast. Daytime still kinda sucked but cooler than I'd expect at this time of year.
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