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  1. I think it was 1990 when I saw this much wind and blowing snow. Very cool.
  2. I have been lurking on this forum since 2008, and I have never seen any maps like the ones we are seeing.
  3. Just saw this on FB. Wonder if they have it under control.
  4. Just read Jaya's tweets too. Something to watch with the GFS vs. Euro, etc.
  5. My kids are skiing at Bluewood right now. Slope is 11 in of slush and ice, but it isn’t busy.
  6. Thankfully we know he’s black or this post wouldn’t make any sense at all! :eye roll:
  7. It has been at least 30 years since I have seen this much snow. It is raining now and not fun to be outside. Made sure my drains are clear for the melt.
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