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  1. Well then, I have way more snowflakes per minute down here. Radar must be acting goofy this morning!
  2. Getting a snow shower here at 29°. Would be nice if that area of snow to the north would drop south...
  3. I would call it 0.6" here on Mercer Island. It's really pretty out there tonight with the snow stuck to the trees and bushes. Most locations under freezing now.
  4. 22° in Hope. That's pretty good for the last week of February.
  5. There was a bit of a lull in Bothell but it's picking up again.
  6. Big flakes falling in Kenmore. Was beginning to wonder if I was going to see snow today.
  7. Solid 0.5" on the west side of Bothell. Snow is even trying to stick on the roads. 31-32°
  8. Snowing hard enough in Bothell to stick on cars.
  9. Light snow in Woodinville and towards Snohomish.
  10. Rain was really coming down before 8pm. Now it's pretty dry with temps around 37° in Kirkland.
  11. Just after 8pm, it really poured after having sprinkles and really light rain a few hours prior.
  12. I remember this time last year I was driving around delivering in the snow and it was in the mid 20s. Sure would like to see one more snowfall this season.
  13. Nice find. I know the area around the Three Sisters has been slowly rising.
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