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  1. Had some frost this morning with a low of 35. I think some clouds got in the way of cooling last night around here. And it is only up to 49 at this hour!
  2. Waters offshore have definitely cooled in this pattern offshore.
  3. Had some sun today, some rain and a little wind. High of 61 today and so far a low of 50. Little warmer than recent nights. Noticing a lot of tree color now.
  4. Down to 44 here now. Was in Bothell at about 6pm and the rain started pouring in huge drops mixed with small hail. Really snarled up traffic more than it was already.
  5. Yeah, really nice day today. Sitting at 64 with partly sunny skies. Going to enjoy the day before the rain comes back in.
  6. Definitely had a drizzle storm this morning. Now 61 and cloudy. Coldest morning so far here for the month was 49 on the 19th.
  7. Up to 4.25" of rain here for the month. Last September only 1.79" and that was for all 30 days.
  8. This has been quite the wild weather month. Been enjoying the weather ride ever since those strong thunderstorms came through that one night. Getting kind of windy out there tonight. Will be interesting to see how early we have a frost in the Puget Sound area. Been a couple hectic months for me and now that things are calming down - I can spend time again here.
  9. I'm definitely in that zone right now. Everything is pretty wet right now.
  10. Nice drizzly morning here. Looks like a weak convergence zone from Mukilteo to Duvall area.
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