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  1. A lot more rain in the San Juan's. Getting a few moderate showers this evening.
  2. Wave of rain moved in about 15 minutes ago. Winds have been strong enough to knock out the power to more customers across the eastside.
  3. Winds are really gusty today and actually most of last night. Thinking gusts to around 35 mph.
  4. It was a pretty good show when that squall line came through this afternoon. I was in Woodinville in area with a lot of trees. Had to dodge multiple falling limbs as I made my day back towards downtown. Came across some lights that were out and then trying to get back into Kirkland was a challenge due to three different roads being blocked by down trees and wires. I largely stayed off the roads after that. There was a lot of roads with limbs and ponds of water on them due to leaves clogging up the grates.
  5. Kind of looks like one. Not sure if there is any preserved in the state.
  6. I agree! Temperature has been warming up here with an easterly wind. Was 48 earlier, now 58.
  7. Amazing. Only 3 more mb to break the record for that region of the Pacific. Makes me wonder what's in store this winter!
  8. I've heard that noise too before while camping! It's a bit alarming when you're half asleep. A lot of times when I hear things at night while camping, it is raccoons messing around looking for scraps of food. Pressure going down still - 978mb.
  9. Pressure here down to 982 mb. Just started raining again.
  10. Didn't notice any wind when I got back home at hour ago. In fact there was some patchy fog across the eastside. I'm sure that will be scoured out rather quickly soon.
  11. Dry right now, but it looks like a lot of showers moving in for the rest of the morning.
  12. Been working the Eastside all night. It has been pretty wet. The drying winds must have been confined to the foothill areas.
  13. Down to 56° now - in Bothell at least. There is quite a bit of leaves and sticks/branches on the roads tonight.
  14. At 69° where I am in Kenmore. Was not expecting these temps today! Came across a power outage on the west fringe of Bothell a little while ago. Little rain starting to fall.
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