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  1. Made it 71* here in Shoreline, but while I was in Monroe and even Woodinville, I was seeing 75* popping up here and there. Crazy amount of people out all afternoon and into the evening - it was like a Friday! Was definitely starting to feel like summer. Still not bad outside at 53.
  2. Yesterday as I was delivering in the Woodinville-Bothell area I was seeing temps as high as 67. Little cooler for a high near the sound at 64. At 64 right now with a low of 41. I have a cousin in Fort Collins and I know, not too many years ago they had a little snow in early June! Snow in April is not strange at all and it happened about every other April where I was from in the Great Lakes.
  3. Getting dumped on by heavy rain and sleet right now. Temp down to 39*.
  4. 45* and light rain here. Anyone else notice the lowland snow for Friday night north of Seattle? It showed up in my forecast this morning! https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=gfs&region=nwus&pkg=asnow&runtime=2021040712&fh=96
  5. Clouds did hang on last night pretty well. Managed to get to 35 this morning here.
  6. I was in north Kirkland at the height of the storm. Hasn't rained since in this area.
  7. Crazy weather day. Thunder, downpours, hail, and a rainbow this afternoon. Temperature swing of about 11° in a quick amount of time too.
  8. Yeah I do! Also I wonder how it would be if we had a low valley that would funnel cold air in like the Columbia River Gorge, but in the central Sound region. Of course we get the cold from the Frasier River Valley, but something that was really close would be a big influence to the climate here in the Seattle metro. Skykomish is not at 1500', but 1000'. They are really good at holding onto the cold air and snow for a lot longer than areas further down the valley like Gold Bar, Sultan, and Monroe. Not a lot going on up there though. Couple restaurants, a gas station, railway museum and I
  9. I think it managed to get to 45° today. Clouds cleared back out just before 6pm and at least in Woodinville it is 40° right now.
  10. Steady at 36° here. Just waiting for some chunky rain to start.
  11. Definitely odd seeing that. Looking like snow in North Bend now...
  12. Issaquah Highlands getting into the rain snow mix now. Temp steady here right now.
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