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  1. Yeah. I just woke up and expected to see some sun; but no only, only a solid status deck.
  2. There has been quite a few showers from 4pm thru just a little bit ago in the Kirkland - Bothell area. Currently 54° here in downtown Woodinville.
  3. Had a wave of rain come through around 8pm I believe while I was out towards Maltby. Not a bad evening - it's dry it 56° in Kenmore, little bit of a breeze.
  4. Rain has become more scattered now. Now it is just misting here on the Island. More of a balmy night tonight, compared to others this week.
  5. I've been watching the dramatic cooling over the northern Pacific. Hopefully we can push the milder water right up against the coast to the south.
  6. No I did not! Sorry to hear your lost your kitty. I grew up with cats and I remember one got out and disappeared when I was pretty young.
  7. Definitely a cool day. Currently 48° in Woodinville where I am with sprinkles.
  8. Yeah I remember the sound of the tree branches breaking too. In fact I saw a few that fell while I was outside.
  9. I remember getting about 28" in February of 2019 from the 3rd - 13th and then about 2" in early March. Well the rain is pretty much here.
  10. Yeah I remember the national guard being called out to North Bend. I guess I didn't remember the fact that the 3 feet fell in 24 hours! That was the day the really heavy snow fell in north Kirkland where I was living. The power cut out in the mid evening. I remember shoveling the sidewalk for the neighbors and seeing the blue flashes from the transformers going out and then all of sudden the street light I was under went out! I think the power stayed off at least 18 hours into the 13th.
  11. Down to 35° here too. Noticed some patches of frost, like on roofs and cars. Still 38°.
  12. Some ground fog forming out there - actually in quite a few areas. Was coming back down 202 from Woodinville to Redmond and that area was socked in pretty good. 36* in some spots. 39* here at my place on Mercer Island.
  13. I'm in Canyon Park in Bothell and it's already 37°. I think more areas are going have frost tonight!
  14. Darn. I could have easily driven east from the city lights and gotten a good view to the north. Hopefully it will revisit sometime soon.
  15. Haven't seen the aurora tonight while working around Bothell. I didn't know it was out either. Anyone still seeing it? Down to 40° in many locations around here.
  16. Got down to 40* here this morning. Was reading a long article late last night about a stratospheric warming event taking place now. It is really unusual to have one starting so soon in October. It goes on to talk about what it might due to the polar vortex which is forming. https://www.severe-weather.eu/global-weather/early-stratospheric-warming-polar-vortex-forecast-cold-season-fa/
  17. That's cool! Never heard of lake effect snow off of Lake Tahoe before. Does that happen very often?
  18. I think all I saw for Saturday for temperatures was 58 or so while I was working on the eastside. It got a bit windy for a bit just after sunset, but not so much that it knocked any branches down - just a bunch more leaves. Had a low of 40 in the morning. Probably won't be too long before the first frost.
  19. For the most part, it's the maple trees that have turned around here. I was up in the Index area early in the week and all trees are definitely turning up there.
  20. Been away for a bit due to moving. Relocated from Shoreline to Mercer Island. Got a nice spot close to the highest point of the island with a view of Lake Washington. Was definitely chilly last night. Got down to 40*. I'm betting most of us in the area will see frost within the next 7 days. Trees sure started turning quickly!
  21. Got a nice steady rain falling now. Down to 57*. Glad we're at the season where you can sit by the fireplace on a rainy day/night.
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