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  1. Have you ever done the sunset dinner cruise at CDA? If not, you should.
  2. That arctic cold front was what led to the 2nd earliest snow in Denver and record cold. Temps went from the mid 90s Monday to snowfall Tuesday morning https://www.weather.gov/bou/Sept2020EarlySnow
  3. I realize now you meant the project that I talked about in another post, the coaster project. It will be called the Leavenworth Adventure Park. Will be an alpine coaster and will have a climbing wall and a small eatery.
  4. Yeah I love the view looking at the mountains in the background, the river and vineyards in the foreground. Sometimes I take it instead of highway 2 just because of that, and I always take people visiting us that way if they haven't seen it.
  5. Its going to be one of those mountain coasters that you see in the Alps. Controversial here. Most don't mind the idea but don't like the location. They will also have a climbing wall. https://www.wenatcheeworld.com/news/local/photos-tumwater-twister-taking-shape-in-leavenworth/article_270aa76e-c1b8-11ec-8b43-73b4047b5568.html
  6. North side. I-5 runs north-south and is west of St Helen's. So you can't really see it unless you drive to the mountain. Worth it too, pretty awesome up there.
  7. Going east? Stabilization of the hill to prevent rock falls. Goal is to be done by July 4th. I just take the North Road to get around it. North Road is off Chumstick in town and parallels highway 2 and you can re-enter highway 2 in Peshastin.
  8. Cfs v2 is not exactly screaming for a Nino lately. Seems to be in on a Nina.
  9. Missouri State led Oklahoma State 12-0. And lost 29-15.
  10. You'd normally figure this would be an entire summers precip map.
  11. Turns out the footage shown on that tweet is from Nepal in 2015. Though there was a strong earthquake in Peru almost a day ago.
  12. When I was a kid, our dog ate some crayons. And the answer to the obvious question is yes, it did come out the other end colored.
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