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  1. Sorry, but you are so ignorant when it comes to him I have to call you out on your bullshit. Not true at all and even it it was your arrogant hatred of people you disagree with is disgusting.
  2. So how would it work to not only have this already extraordinary cold air, but then have a SSW event in addition?
  3. Maue had a comment that it is not only extraordinary cold, but the area of the cold is enormous.
  4. It's been confusing to me. They talk about an upgrade, but when you read about it, all they are doing is replacing the power components so that it is less likely to go out of service. Yes, that's very important, but when it is back online, it will be the same radar as before. So not an upgrade in performance, more of an upgrade in reliability.
  5. Yup. And there's a reason why the CPC ONLY uses ensembles for their 6-10 day and 8-14 day outlooks. But most of us, and I've been guilty, look at the operationals for the long range. Especially when it shows something good.
  6. Just saw this. Amazing, and though there have been problems with the floods, overall its great to see this.
  7. Since any interesting weather is 10+ days away, the operational runs are irrelevant for that time period.
  8. Yeah, we didn't have a SSW earlier this winter and December absolutely torched for everyone! Warmest December ever! Seriously, are you sure he said 2 weeks ago that it was happening in 10 days? Lots of the experts that know more than we do have been talking about it, so he's not making it up. Maybe they're all wrong.
  9. It was awful. It wasnt that big of a fire as far as wildfires go. It was just in a place where the smoke naturally drained into our area, and in a place where they couldn't do much to put it out. Then we got stuck in the same weather pattern for awhile. It started around Sept 10. We got home from our European holiday on Sept 11, and was told it had just started. They had to cancel local football games. It stopped mid October. Maybe late October, but Halloween was fine. The week after Halloween we got snow and haven't seen the grass since then.
  10. Great! I told her you are a walking encyclopedia of NW weather history.
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