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  1. We get freezing rain once or twice per year. If it is right after a snow, and there is still snow on the roads and walkways, it is not a problem to drive around in or walk on. But if it is on bare pavement, then you might as well not try. Especially if it is more than .1" or so. Less than that doesn't do anything. One year we had about an inch of freezing rain that took down trees and power lines. Pretty messy.
  2. Its nice to have a lot of snow, but even better in a gorgeous environment like yours. The house looks amazing too, the kind of house a person would love to sit in and watch it snow outside. Be careful with these pics, or Hallmark will knock on your door asking to film a movie there!
  3. Through Sunday looks a bit cooler than the 0Z. My map only shows anomalies, and shows the whole U.S., and not just the PNW, so a bit harder to tell. Beyond that it looks similar to 0Z
  4. Nice improvement for EPS snow through Sunday afternoon. 0Z last night: Todays 12Z
  5. I do remember that area had a bit more snow than downtown Bellingham and toward the water. Went to someones house about that time and there was a few inches.
  6. It gets cold in 2 days. What the hell is the believable range then? Still think highs will be in the 50's this week? As far as snow goes, you know that snow can never be really predicted well within about 48 hours, sometimes even less than that.
  7. I lived in Whatcom County for almost 30 years. I have seen that scenario a lot. Often Whatcom doesn't score until later systems come in. 1989 is a classic example. Bitterly cold with huge winds, especially North County. Maybe 1/2 inch of snow.
  8. Yup. Would be awful if Seattle and all of Western Washington got about 2 feet of snow. Terrible winter weather.
  9. Same here. Maybe a few delays with real heavy snow, but really no cancellations. Freezing rain is a different story though. And when I say "here", I mean Leavenworth. Places that get less snow like Wenatchee do occasionally cancel school when there is heavier snow. I remember in Bellingham years ago, my wife from Toronto who I had just married, was absolutely stunned when a women's Christmas dinner was cancelled because there was a slight risk of rain mixed with snow.
  10. True enough, but the standard 10:1 doesn't work any better. I have seen anywhere from 5:1 to 20:1 where I live.
  11. Thanks. I will watch it closely for my friends. Spokane NWS should have a good handle on it.
  12. Thanks, I didn't know exactly what screwed things up. Glad though that parts of Oregon got the White Christmas though.
  13. Does CDA get the brutal wind chills? I have friends that will be in CDA next Tuesday through Wednesday.
  14. I am guessing that the low to the SW in the bottom right frame was the one that was supposed to produce a major snowstorm for the PNW for Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning. Low went too far to the North and it rained. Brutal, especially because it was late Christmas Eve when it was supposed to be heavy snow. Just an awful feeling when I heard the pitter patter of rain on the roof that night!
  15. North Whatcom County can be brutal during a true arctic blast. Nothing like 70MPH winds with a temp in the teens. And if there is snow, they get huge snowdrifts.
  16. Rain in the middle cut down on the snow, but probably made it pretty bad to move. We had about a foot a few weeks ago, and it turned to rain before I could get to it due to my job, and my snowblower was not very effective, couldn't get a grip on the driveway, which has a bit of a slope to it.
  17. That would be amazing to watch, but a lot of work to clear. I can only imagine the berm on my driveway after such a big snow. And the berms are always compact and icy, even if it is a relatively dry snow.
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