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  1. I can't imagine 36 inches in one storm. That is how much I got for the whole month, and there were a few times where it snowed hard. At least it seemed like it snowed hard. If I ever see a 36 inch snowstorm, I may redefine what I think heavy snow is.
  2. Yeah you might have to wait a few years. A place like that is worth staying for more than a couple of days. They also have hut to hut skiing. http://www.rendezvoushuts.com/
  3. Mazama averages over 120 inches per year. Also holds the WA record for the coldest temo ever recorded in the state at -48 on Dec. 30, 1948. Not as touristy as Winthrop or Leavenworth. Just about 20 minutes from Winthrop if someone wanted to do something touristy. This time of year that are has a lot of cross country skiers, as the whole Methow area has the largest network of nordix trails in North America. We rented a cabin there one time between Christmas and New Years. So quiet and peaceful, especially coming from Leavenworth, when December is so crowded. People are around,
  4. The vaccines still work pretty well with the new variants, maybe not as spectacular as with the "old" covid, but still better than most vaccines in general. And the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, while not as high with the prevention, is still extremely high, in fact near 100%, in protecting against death and hospitalization, even against the new South African strain. Dr. Scott Gottlieb: J&J Covid vaccine trial yields very good result (cnbc.com) "Across all geographies, the vaccine was 85% effective in preventing severe cases of Covid-19 after four weeks, according to J&J. Pro
  5. Do you mean the "new" GFSv16? Because that was showing it, now it is not. Would be very interesting if it did indeed show the way, only to abandon it later on.
  6. And here is a good article about it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.providencejournal.com/news/20200206/dont-count-on-most-weather-apps-for-accuracy%3ftemplate=ampart
  7. If you see it in the weather app, it is bad news. Seriously, ditch the weather app and go with trusted forecasts. TV Mets and the NWS are way better than the apps and actually have real meteorologists from your area making an actual forecast. I know there are apps that actually use NWS forecasts, they would be ok.
  8. Would have had one more but https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn5ZcmFN1ds
  9. Makes me wish, among other reasons, that Mike Trout played with the Mariners and lived here. Imagine having him on this board!
  10. It is interesting not only the players who played FOR Bellingham, but also players on the other teams who played there on the road against them too.
  11. CPC is on board, at least with colder temps. Probabilities of below normal temperatures are favored from the West Coast eastward to the Mississippi Valley as the predicted large-scale trough progresses east across the CONUS. Positive height anomalies near the East Coast increase chances of above normal temperatures there. FORECAST CONFIDENCE FOR THE 8-14 DAY PERIOD: Well above average, 5 out of 5, due to very good agreement among the temperature and precipitation tools and an amplified long-wave pattern across the forecast domain. That is pretty rare for an 8-14 day
  12. I remember the NW league, at least the version from the 80's to the 90's. Saw Griffey Jr. play a couple of games for the Bellingham Mariners. It was fun to follow some of those guys that were able to climb their way through to the bigs.
  13. Backdoor blasts can work for snow when a front comes in from the West and sucks the cold air in through the gaps. Guessing some of Portlands best snowstorms are that scenario. And maybe their worst ice storms
  14. Much better ending to the EPS compared to last nights. Speaking of last nights, the weeklies will be based on last nights, and we already know it is not as good as the one today. Last nights ending: Same hour on todays: What the heck, I will throw in the EPS snow map.
  15. After about this time, it is not quite as good, but not bad at all. This looks to be about the peak of the cold.
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