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  1. I assume at lake level, it is much warmer, and snow is on again/off again. Are there any communities around the lake maybe at an elevation above the lake where it is colder and the snow is more reliable?
  2. Comparing the 0Z GEFS to the 12Z GEFS using the upper level winds, you can see how much more over water trajectory there is with last nights run, in fact even a bit of a southerly component to it. Todays run not nearly as much over water. Todays: Last nights:
  3. Snow maps at about hour 330 are just about the same as 12Z. Hard to see any real difference.
  4. Jim is right about Whatcom County for winter I am from Anacortes. Grew up on Dewey Beach just north of Deception Pass on the South part of Fidalgo Island, about a 10 to 15 minute drive to Anacortes. Lovely summers. Not as hot, usually. Sometimes fog and low clouds prevent the hotter temps. Many times it would be in the 80s or 90s in other part of Western Wa., and in the 70s in Anacortes and Whidbey Island and even 60s in the San Juan's. Not always though. When it is in the 70s and clear, no better place to be. But as far as snow, so often it rains there and snows everyw
  5. With all the cold air in BC still there, a storm track like this could be snowy for anyone north of a whatever storms that come through. At least that is the way I see it.
  6. The ENSO regions haven't changed much at all. Has this instead prevented a big warm-up? Are there implications for a La Nina for next winter?
  7. They only forecast out for 7 days. Most of the good stuff is after that. 18Z GFS doesn't really show any snow in the next 7 days.
  8. I think so too. And a region wide event might even have more snow in a lot of areas then what that shows.
  9. The next time the hour 384 snowfall map is even remotely accurate will be during the late Spring when it shows no snow anywhere. Other than that, they aren't worth much, but here it is.
  10. Here is the average of the last 48 runs. Reminds me of the weeklies.
  11. I think the cold heading to the PNW and to Western Canada is from the SSW, where the cold the east is getting is just "regular" cold, if that makes sense.
  12. Weeklies. All days shown are the 5 day averages ending on that day.
  13. Some improvements in the EPS from last night. Looks to be between last nights and yesterdays 12Z.
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