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  1. We had about 2-3 inches in the Gordon head area of Victoria . Your elevation and being away from the water definitely helped you.
  2. Hopefully the trend continues over the next 24 hours to slowly increase the amounts in Victoria.
  3. EPS looking pretty good around the end of the month.
  4. Same here in Victoria. The snow started the evening of 21st. We then had a decent dump of snow on the 23rd. Temperatures did climb above freezing (barely) on Christmas Eve and the forecast was to moderate after Christmas. I woke up Christmas morning and the forecast changed to much colder temps and chance of snow for the coming week. All hell broke loose the evening of the 26th through the 29th. Over 3 feet fell that period and everything shut down for days. It was awesome.
  5. I assume we will only get a couple of inches at most so likely will be gone by then…however this week will be cool with low dew points so it might be a slow melt.
  6. Snowing quite heavily at the moment in Victoria with strong outflow winds! Grass and roofs are covered and starting to stick to pavement.
  7. Snow mixing in with the rain here in Victoria. edit - mostly snow now…crazy for April 12
  8. Seems to be quite a bit of potential to me. If you get rid of some of those warm members then the mean will start looking pretty nice.
  9. I’m interested to see what the euro weeklies look like today.
  10. My location warmed up to 35 after the front passed but other parts of Victoria climbed to 40. Was surprised to wake up to a temp of 28 this morning with hardly any melting other than on the cement and trees.
  11. Chilly out there today. Currently sitting just below freezing. The 2 inches we got is frozen solid.
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