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  1. Snow mixing in with the rain here in Victoria. edit - mostly snow now…crazy for April 12
  2. Seems to be quite a bit of potential to me. If you get rid of some of those warm members then the mean will start looking pretty nice.
  3. I’m interested to see what the euro weeklies look like today.
  4. My location warmed up to 35 after the front passed but other parts of Victoria climbed to 40. Was surprised to wake up to a temp of 28 this morning with hardly any melting other than on the cement and trees.
  5. Chilly out there today. Currently sitting just below freezing. The 2 inches we got is frozen solid.
  6. This is very true. Things did not look good leading up to February 2019 and then things suddenly changed. It does not look promising at the moment but hopefully the SSW around New Years will shake up the pattern for the better (as long as the SSW does occur).
  7. Ended up with around 2 inches here as well. Can you imagine how much snow we would have got with that track and the amount of precipitation if there was cold air to draw from or arctic air in place.
  8. Should be changing over for you anytime now. Accumulating on roads now too!
  9. All snow now with huge flakes...Already sticking to roofs.
  10. This is most 33 degree I’ve ever had...starting to get more snow mixed in now here in Gordon head.
  11. I usually feel like Dewey has a pretty good perspective on how things will evolve.
  12. You still think favourable blocking will take shape sometime in January?
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