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  1. Well I guess the farmers almanac for the win of course! https://www.yahoo.com/news/farmers-almanac-declares-north-central-110026276.html
  2. Heard some decent thunder but the storms stayed to my north. Officially .02" in my rain gauge.
  3. Winter outlook also came out today. Looks pretty much like your typical La Nina year.
  4. The GFS is notorious for being too high with temps and not taking into account the moisture. Pivots are running like crazy and the moisture in the air is high. I don't doubt will see 100 at some point in time during this heat wave. I just pray we get relief sooner than later!
  5. I was a junior in high school and remember that winter like it was yesterday. We had bitter cold arctic air and two blizzards with temps in the single digits. It was amazing. I had to keep my truck plugged in at night so it would start in the morning! The first of three storms hit early like Dec. 8th and we went week after week with snowstorms up until the arctic air lifted around x-mas.
  6. Potatoes and tomatoes are doing great! Little concerned for the cucumbers I'm hoping they come around. They are up and growing just looks like they have a little blight! Thanks for asking!
  7. Got lucky last night; I was getting missed to the north and to the south. Thankfully the line of storms kept back building and the lightning was insane! I was outside watching and a bolt struck not far from my house. I looked at my radar and it showed up 2 minutes after it hit! Picked up 2" of rain and my month of June total is up over 5! Been lucky as heck too as the hail missed me!
  8. Late on the reply but wow Tom; this might be one of the most impressive radar displays I have seen in a long time! I have never seen that amount of CG's from one storm even out here in the plains! Hoping we get lucky tonight before another heat wave this weekend.
  9. While we deal with the heat and humidity here's what's going on in Montana! Insane! URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Missoula MT 1102 AM MDT Mon Jun 13 2022 MTZ002-141800- /O.CON.KMSO.WS.W.0009.220614T0000Z-220615T1200Z/ West Glacier Region- 1102 AM MDT Mon Jun 13 2022 ...WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 6 PM THIS EVENING TO 6 AM MDT WEDNESDAY ABOVE 5000 FEET... * WHAT...Heavy snow expected above 5000 feet. Total snow accumulations of 3 to 8 inches above 5000 feet...including Marias Pass. Above 6000 feet, snow accumulations of 8 to 15 inches with up to 2 feet above 7000 feet. Winds gusting as high as 45 mph, especially on the ridgetops. * WHERE...West Glacier Region. * WHEN...From 6 PM this evening to 6 AM MDT Wednesday. Clouds have been hanging around my area pretty much all morning. I'm fine if we don't make it to 100 I"m going golfing!
  10. It was absolutely insane last night! Never in a million years did I think I would experience a Haboob! After I recorded the following video things just went completely black as midnight. Multiple trees where uprooted and gonna need quiet a bit of clean up today.
  11. I have been home for 30 minutes and the temp has dropped from 39 to 36. I have 1.8" of rain so far and some fat snow flakes are starting to mix in. Radar doing a pretty good job of picking that up. Just a crazy week so far. IMG_1756.MOV
  12. We are currently mixing in fat snow flakes in my area with the rain! Sitting at 1.8" for the day and now we top it off with some snow on May 2nd!!!
  13. I haven't seen a radar image like this for my area in a long time. Big time reflective activity showing up. It's almost like the radar is seeing a mixed bag yet temps aren't anywhere close to it. It's absolutely pouring out there for sure. We are certainly closing in on a drought busting two weeks!
  14. Just a wonderful soaking the past couple of days! My county was in a tornado warning last night as the squall line rolled through. I of course went out chasing and went too far west. I ended up being overtaken by the line and couldn't get back out in front. The shelf cloud was impressive but again I went too far west to watch it roll in! I received .90" on Thursday and 1.7" the past 48 hours so a total of 2.6. My lawn care business will be kicking into high gear as we roll into May! The gardening on the other hand will have to be delayed for a while.....
  15. Not saying it's gonna happen but that cell matches up very well with where two of the strongest tornadoes happened in Nebraska history. Jim Flowers also showed a similar path in his video today with what was shown in the models.
  16. Sun is out here. Gonna be an interesting day for sure; I'm anxious to see if storms can stay discrete in my neck of the woods.
  17. Structure fire has spread into fields north and east of town. Winds are just howling which of course doesn't help the situation..... IMG_1741.MOV IMG_1740.MOV
  18. @CentralNebWeather yet again another major going on. Just insane. Cambridge just missed but Bartley and Indianola being evacuated. Here it is on radar an hour ago! Radar down in Hastings.
  19. I have a folder of images, snow reports, rain reports and radar images from the past 5 years and it's crazy how well they line up with that river! I'm hoping tonights storms can hold together and march east and give us all a little something.
  20. Shocker, the storms rode the river and stayed to the north of it. I ended up with .15". Reports of 1-3" of rain match up pretty nicely with the radar. The black line is the platte river; the evidence I'm gathering is remarkable with how that dang platte river plays a large part in the direction of storms.
  21. Currently 60° with a 61% relative humidity reading. It would be pretty disappointing if I don’t get something out of this line of storms moving off to the north east…
  22. Just another blowing dust advisory for our area! We started softball tonight and it was not fun. Between the blowing dust in the air and the blowing dust on the field we were caked in dirt. Give us a break already…..
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