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  1. Got a burst of heavy snow around noon today and coated the ground in white. I was in Columbus at the time and it was coming down pretty good; I then came home and above the valley it turned to grapuel. Now I'm in the dreaded dry slot patiently waiting for the trowal to swing through. I'm hoping I get at least 6" as I made a bet with our custodial guy at the school. We always bet a tall boy when it comes to snow and I set the over/under at 6!
  2. I'm hoping these next 3 waves can lay the path and drop snow to everyone in the midwest. Lay the pack and keep things refrigerated for us as we move into December!
  3. GFS showing some convection with the change over and it corresponds with the storm getting stronger. Very interesting runs so far with the American models.
  4. Thanks Jaster, I love these type of set ups as things tend to change right up until the event starts! I'm impressed with the strength that the GFS and Nam have shown tonight. Both get this storm down below 990 mb. GFS looks like it's having convective issues/thermal feedback with its run.
  5. Nam came a touch south; anybody along I-80 still in the game as it won't take much of a shift to widen that snow shield.
  6. I expect to be in at least a WWA when the warning packages come out tomorrow. Just crazy seeing the watch to the west and north of me by one county even though all models have my county getting 6+. Many times when this happens either the warning gets moved further west or I'm included. Will be an interesting day tomorrow as the models continue to narrow in on a consensus.
  7. It’s gonna be a matter of 20 miles for me with snow versus no snow. Seen this many of times where Platte River is dividing line. I hate cutting it this close but at least there is a chance and it’s only November.
  8. Loving the euro, models starting to come to an agreement on the track. I would gladly take what the models are showing tonight!
  9. Well said OAX, HA! The next chance for significant weather looks to be Tuesday or Wednesday as a strong trough moves into the central plains. However, given that this is still 7 days out, there is still plenty of time for the models toy with us.
  10. Sure do. The first storm rolled through October 9th-11th. Brought me rain but the dakota's got 1-3' of snow. Next storm was the strong 986 mb storm that moved northeast into Minnesota on Oct. 21st. The third storm occurred a week later on October 28th-30th.
  11. We had three consecutive beasts in the middle of the country to start off this year's LRC. If this coming storm tomorrow marks the end of LRC cycle 1, we would be at 43 days. If next week's storm is the start then we would be right at 50 days; the same as we had last year. Interesting times ahead for sure; I would think that storm next week dry punches my area and blast the panhandle of Nebraska, Dakota's, and parts of Minnesota that's my prediction. Hope I'm wrong and plenty of time to watch!
  12. Care to share the data you looked at?? I love looking at historical data related to weather!
  13. GFS model frozen up and not working for anyone else???
  14. The three storms I have down on my calendar are: Oct. 9th thru the 11th which was the dakota blast. I received 2" of rain out of that storm. 2nd was on the 21st: that was a strong LP that came out into the plains and tracked northeast towards the Twin Cities and got down to 986 mb. The last week of October, which was when I received my first bout of snow, must have been tied in with Olga. Not sure how that will affect my area when it cycles back through but I would say expect an Arc-la-tex low??
  15. Now we are just missing some snow showers or snow already on the ground. I'm fine with a transition to a NW flow during the winter months and these cold fronts swinging through. Right now, if I had to guess, it looks like the first half of the LRC will consist of a southwest flow or west/east flow. This should be where we see the power house storms. We tracked three major systems through the heart of the country. It's really crazy to think how cold we have been since the beginning of October, exciting times ahead!
  16. What was your winter like in 1993-1994? If I recall that was a pretty bad winter for the KC area??
  17. Ha that's so funny Griz same thing is going on in my household. She just loves the heck out of the channel and it's always on. I too consist of living in the basement or working outside! I'm gonna start putting up x mas lights before I start basketball practice. I settle with Busch Light when I'm following the weather.......
  18. We got about another half and inch to an inch of snow. I'm hoping it sticks around tonight as we have the Hallmark channel coming to my wife's hometown in David City! Believe it or not, this is where the channel originated from! Looking forward to it, here's a link to the events that is planned for tonight. https://www.1011now.com/content/news/Hallmark-arrives-in-David-City-on-Wednesday-564088681.html?fbclid=IwAR1UpMX1GM6j9xeVa6w0sWT9aCynxZa5Ncul7dq2kv5r8QrDYOIwfU8Anh8
  19. Good write up by Hastings today. Gonna be an interesting week of model watching ahead of us! The second potential accumulating snow is more impressive and both the GFS/ECMWF have a closed and deepening/dynamic upper low rolling across northern Kansas. Baroclinicity strengthens across the system as very cold air filters in. Precipitable water availability is quite a bit higher thanks to the slower/digging/closed nature of the low. All of this seems to spell an increasing shot at accumulating snow for much of the forecast Wednesday/Wednesday night and possible early Thursday during the day. Winds with the system aren`t terribly strong but strong enough for some blowing snow potential later in the day Wednesday. The evolution of this second system is worth watching closely, keeping in mind things are still 4-5 days out. As for now, the forecast reflects a rise in precipitation chances mid- week for this system. Aside from the precipitation events, the main story is the cold for most of the week. After the initial influx of cold air Saturday night, cold advection levels off Monday and temperatures are bit more steady, but still cold. The cold air will deepen significantly on Tuesday night and Wednesday with -10 to -12C H85 temperatures. There is some potential for near record lows in spots. You will also have the opportunity to try on some single digit wind chills as well. Temperatures may find some rebound Friday and Saturday, but will still be quite a bit below seasonal normals, and may be affected by some snow cover.
  20. I tried too but my kids woke me up!!! Thanks a bunch Clint!! We now have model agreement, the king has been consistent I must say.
  21. I think so. Gary lezak this morning had a video blog and showed how the models are 100’s of miles apart as the low rounds the base of the trough next week.
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