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  1. Nice little sliver of 12+ crossing right through my area! Just continue to spread the wealth models; it's always crazy how sharp the cut offs usually are with clippers. I'm usually on the southern end of these types of systems. I can't remember the last time Nebraska was in the center of clipper central.
  2. Ok this would be just insane. Even half that in the midwest would be an impressive back loaded winter. Feel so bad for North Dakota......but then this is like a once in a lifetime situation for our area. This is something that would be expected up there this time of year. The ice box month of Feb. looks like it might have some legs!
  3. Here is a look in Hastings CWA. Man you talk about a sharp band of heavy snow! Lucky you if you end up under it.
  4. Part of the CWA was upgraded to a warning. Hopefully a sign of things to come! URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Hastings NE 244 PM CST Fri Feb 5 2021 ...Accumulating snow expected tonight into Saturday Morning... NEZ046>048-061>064-075>077-061200- /O.UPG.KGID.WW.Y.0006.210206T0400Z-210206T1800Z/ /O.NEW.KGID.WS.W.0002.210206T0400Z-210206T1800Z/ Sherman-Howard-Merrick-Buffalo-Hall-Hamilton-York-Adams-Clay- Fillmore- Including the cities of Loup City, Sherman Reservoir, Litchfield, St. Libory, Central City, Kearney, Grand Island, Aurora, York, Hastings, Sutton, Harvard, Clay Center, Edgar, Fairfield, Geneva, Exeter, and Fairmont 244 PM CST Fri Feb 5 2021 ...WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 10 PM THIS EVENING TO NOON CST SATURDAY... * WHAT...Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 5 to 7 inches. This is expected to be a fluffy snow, accompanied by wind gusts of 20-25 mph. Blowing snow will be a concern at times. * WHERE...Portions of central, east central and south central Nebraska. * WHEN...From 10 PM this evening to noon CST Saturday. * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. Patchy blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility.
  5. OAX seems impressed with the cold coming. Temperatures throughout this forecast might be the bigger story than snow. Today marks the beginning of a long stretch of cold air. By Saturday 850mb temperatures crash into the teens below zero. There is no end in sight, and in fact it only gets worse. Longer-range guidance shows 850mb temperatures falling, potentially, to 25 to 30 below zero by next Friday and Saturday with an impressive surface high pressure area of 1051 mb. Looking back at past weather balloon data for our office shows we`ve never recorded an 850mb temperature of -30C or colder in February. Even if we don`t see that dramatic of cold air, it`ll still be well-below normal through the middle part of month and will likely continue thereafter. For what it is worth, -30C at 850mb would translate to daytime highs below zero, or colder.
  6. Thank you!! Wow, just amazing. Even half that would be great.
  7. Can you post the kuchera snowfall when you get a chance?! Thanks in advance.
  8. Here is another one for you.......my grid has a 40% chance of snow on saturday yet 1-3" on the day to day?! Saturday A 40 percent chance of snow before noon. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 18. East wind 10 to 15 mph becoming north in the morning. Winds could gust as high as 20 mph. New snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.
  9. If the Euro is onto something, then these numbers could rival some of the coldest we have seen in a very long time. Would have to go back to 1983 to see projected highs in my area in the -5 to-10 range! WOW, if we keep getting the snow pack then these numbers have a chance to coming to fruition! Here is the projected low and high for next weekend!
  10. Should be with the AO expected to tank even further! I have been following weather for 20 some years and I don't remember it being projected to go this low!
  11. I don't get it; mostly all models show a really decent chance of upcoming snow and nobody is really talking about it! Hastings didn't say much of anything in this mornings discussion. Will be interesting to see what happens with this afternoons update.
  12. Congrats to you all getting a nice pounding! I measured 1.5" of snow and my depth is back up to 9" after about losing 4" to compaction and melting. Amazing what a small amount of snow can do. Snow has ended but here is what the drive into my town is like. Not as crazy as @Grizzcoat but still a winter wonderland! IMG_1065.m4v
  13. They completely whiffed on this small system. We don't have school today because of the blowing and drifting that is going on. I had 1.5" of snow but man it's crazy out there. They said the snow would be wet in nature and therefore no blowing. They nailed the amount for my area but underestimated the snow ratio.
  14. I seen it on radar scope!! Man hopefully signs of this thing dropping more surprises!!
  15. The only temp at which both are equal is........-40!!!
  16. Good luck to you all! Hopefully you can score big and continue to build the glacier!
  17. My area is right in the bullseye........what could go wrong?! LOL. My goodness, that snow with the winds would spell some fun trouble!
  18. How is it for my area? I'm hoping this thing at least clips my area, these types of systems that seem to cut tend to go either way for my area. Usually bodes well for areas along and north of the river.
  19. They also mentioned this, man this is funny! However, this is just the kind of "gloom and doom"/way-out-in-time computer model forecast that could start appearing on any number of non- professional weather social media posts around this time, so just a friendly reminder to avoid buying into possible unwarranted hype for anything beyond a week away, and stick to trusted professional weather sources. Okay, off the soap box now.
  20. What's the snow depth? Nothing worst than bare ground and one of those as you know from your days in Lincoln!
  21. This baby was impressive to say the least. 11.5" melted down pretty much 10:1. The kid in me dug a giant hole for my girls to play in! The piles of snow is something......if we receive any more snow it will be tough to find places to put it! IMG_1033.m4v
  22. Crazy to think that! Jim Flowers was all over the fact that the models were way south with their prediction. It shows how experienced he is in the weather department. He even called the wrap around before any of the local mets picked up on it! I also give credit to the canadian and euro model. They pretty much nailed the storm from 5 days out. The GFS was south south the whole way.
  23. Nice looking band extending from Sioux City right down into my county! If we end up with another 6" of snow it will be tough finding places to put all the snow!!!!!
  24. 2nd largest 24 and 48hr storm in history there. That is saying something! What is shocking is first place.......19.8" in one day for Lincoln?!
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