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  1. That is insane!!! That’s like lake affect snow right there!!
  2. Sitting at 6" so far and man was it ripping earlier this morning. It has let up a bit....I'll be waiting for the heavier rates to come back up into my area. Hoping to end up with 10+ when it's all said and done!
  3. Even though this storm has trended north for a couple days now......my grid still only has 3-7" of snow even though my low end on all models is 6" and max is 16"! WTF?!
  4. It was the one furthest south all week now it’s the one furthest north?! Ha, crazy it now pretty much matches up with all the models. My Grid has a mix and 3-8 yet all models show 8+. Obviously the NWS know way more than us but sometimes I wonder how they do what they do!
  5. Been a very long time since we have seen probabilities this high holy smokes. Record breaking for some areas if it comes to fruition.
  6. Thanks Tom!!! Wow the snow shield for the state has really expanded! Bring on a back loaded winter baby! PS. Smoking some ribs and poor man's burnt ends and will be routing on my Buffalo Bills! We have a layer of ice from last night's snow/drizzle throw on the snow we are about to receive and things are gonna be slick as heck.
  7. You wanna post this for our area too Tom when you get a chance?
  8. Ouch I hope the nam is smoking something.... that would hurt my area.
  9. Ok with the euro the only major model left and with it being as consistent as it has been; I would be shocked if the watch and or eventual warning doesn’t get nudged north. Gonna be an interesting afd in the morning for the weather offices.
  10. Most models; although the 18z Euro took a step to my south, has me getting 6+. Yet Hastings NWS is going with the GFS and have me getting 1-4". I don't get it but we shall see. It sucks I really want the snow but yet we have conference tournament week and this will really throw a wrench into that!
  11. @Tom or anyone else who can answer this question......is there a way to access the old web site that we used to have? I would like to access the discussions we had form 10 or so years ago!! I don't know if they are archived or if there is another way to view the discussions.
  12. Insane gradient setting up. If the low aligns just right, seward and a few counties to the west could get into the fun including my area. Even an inch of snow with these winds will be a major problem. I seen it a month ago with the previous blizzard.
  13. Blizzard warning now only a couple counties away.......crazy how insane the cut off is to the west. Good luck to all, I seen a blizzard with only 2" of snow back in December. Can't imagine what you guys in Iowa are gonna experience!! URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Omaha/Valley NE 249 PM CST Thu Jan 14 2021 ...Blizzard conditions expected tonight and Friday... NEZ043-051-066-090-092-150600- /O.EXA.KOAX.BZ.W.0001.210115T0600Z-210116T0000Z/ Colfax-Saunders-Lancaster-Johnson-Pawnee- Including the cities of Schuyler, Wahoo, Ashland, Yutan, Lincoln, Tecumseh, Sterling, Pawnee City, and Table Rock 249 PM CST Thu Jan 14 2021 ...BLIZZARD WARNING IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO 6 PM CST FRIDAY... * WHAT...Blizzard conditions expected. Total snow accumulations of up to two inches. Winds gusting as high as 60 mph. * WHERE...Colfax, Saunders, Lancaster, Johnson and Pawnee Counties. * WHEN...From midnight tonight to 6 PM CST Friday. * IMPACTS...Difficult to impossible travel due to near zero visibility and roads becoming snow covered. The Friday morning and evening commutes will be heavily impacted. Power outages and tree damage are also possible.
  14. Finished with 6” of snow and now at 15” for the year! Half way to my seasonal total just in the month of December!
  15. I don’t either. That extends back and then into my county. 4-6 to my north and south. 2-4 then splitting my county. You would think the warning gets expanded west from omaha and that gap fills.
  16. Radar looks impressive around your area, any report?! That band looks impressive.
  17. Hastings mentioned this morning expect some changes, will see if those warnings get expanded. temperatures, both at the surface and aloft will have a large impact on snow and ice accumulations. With the uncertainty in the forecast, there could be significant changes to the current forecast as the time comes closer for this system.
  18. Can you show the wider view if you would please?
  19. Might be the earliest I seen Hastings put something out.... then consider the uncertainty with the models. I would take it though and run! https://www.weather.gov/media/gid/sitreport/SitReport1.pdf
  20. The Euro is a bit to the northwest. Areas along and north of the platte river should do fine with this run. Man this is gonna be one heck of a battle. The one agreement with the models...the gulf will be wide open so we should see plenty of moisture in one form or the other. Gonna ride with the Euro until it proves me wrong. It's done really well for me so far this year.
  21. No kidding! I wish we could get a west East slider so everyone can get into the action! I’m sitting pretty good but lots of time for this to change.
  22. If the EURO shows what the GFS does today I'll be concerned. Until then, all my faith is in the king EURO!
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