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  1. I'm loving it! Happy snow friday to all! The models really are picking up on some heavy banding possibly and a lot of them have that heavy band coming right through my area. nam has it so does the snow forecast by the NWS. Good luck to all, hopefully this shares the wealth and is a sign of things to come.
  2. First advisory out from Hastings. Mentioned the trend is further north. URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE...CORRECTED National Weather Service Hastings NE 1103 AM CST Thu Dec 10 2020 NEZ041-047>049-062>064-075>077-085>087-110100- /O.COR.KGID.WW.Y.0019.201211T1200Z-201212T1200Z/ Nance-Howard-Merrick-Polk-Hall-Hamilton-York-Adams-Clay-Fillmore- Webster-Nuckolls-Thayer- Including the cities of Fullerton, Genoa, St. Libory, Central City, Stromsburg, Osceola, Shelby, Polk, Grand Island, Aurora, York, Hastings, Sutton, Harvard, Clay Center, Edgar, Fairfield, Geneva, Exeter, Fairmont, Inavale, Red Cloud, Blue Hill, Rosemont, Bladen, Bostwick, Superior, Nelson, Hebron, and Deshler 1103 AM CST Thu Dec 10 2020 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 6 AM FRIDAY TO 6 AM CST SATURDAY... * WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches. Localized higher amounts are possible. * WHERE...Portions of central, east central and south central Nebraska. * WHEN...From 6 AM Friday to 6 AM CST Saturday. * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the evening commute. * WIND...North 10-15 MPH with gusts to around 25 MPH. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...This system has been trending northward, and the band of heaviest snow is currently forecast to be near Interstate 80. But additional shifts are possible, so stay tuned for upcoming forecasts.
  3. NIce bullseye right over my back yard on that run! See that little sliver of 6+, right over my county! HA.
  4. If the nam scores the win on this one I’ll be ecstatic. My main concern is how well are the models picking up on dry air? We have been extremely dry obviously with the drought going on; I’m wondering if saturation will be a problem? I’ll take the euro too.
  5. Hoping the king EURO jumps on board with the Ukie!
  6. It's December, we get a storm strong enough it shouldn't have any problem generating it's own cold air. I'm with you though; I can see more liquid coming from this than frozen. I can also see this thing being way more to the north and west than what's being shown right now. Just glad we have something, just hope it stays there!
  7. Lets mark this one down; she should be a biggy for a lot of us according to the LRC!
  8. If the SLP gets aligned just right you will be talking some nice LES going on downwind off the lake. Good luck guys!
  9. Things might get interesting next weekend.....take it with a grain of salt being the 18z run and 186+ hrs. out.....
  10. Crazy to think that just a week ago we were in the 70's all week! This turned out to be quite the ice storm to say the least. Ice accretion is around .5-.75" and trees are breaking like match sticks. Hoping to keep power today as school was called off. Correction: After doing the actual way, came out to .375" of ice.
  11. Pretty remarkable start to November; I have a feeling things have to flip sooner or later.
  12. Currently in a High wind warning… I’ll tell you one thing this wind is something. We have blowing dust everywhere, corn stocks getting blown around. It’s like a blizzard with blowing leaves and dust.
  13. Let the model madness begin.......GFS had it then lost it. EURO never had it then gained it.....
  14. Crazy thermal problems I’m thinking. Regardless double barrel lows equal big swings in models. Although pretty crazy how all models are showing both storms rounding the base of the trough in some shape or form. Regardless love seeing this pattern setting up!
  15. Well this month will go down as a record breaker in terms of cold and in some cases snow! North Platte write up
  16. Call me crazy but I would rather come with a -15 degree daytime high and two feet of snow on the ground.....
  17. I know right?! It would be due back sometime in December depending on how long this year's cycle is. Let's say it's 50 days.....that would put it in at December 18th. Just in time for christmas!!!
  18. This is a great sign for the LRC! Gary Lezak mentioned this in his blog this morning; comparing what happened in 2012 with hurricane sandy! Blog: Remember this satellite picture, and this radar image below. We will be referring to this later in the winter, next spring, and even next summer. Do you remember Super Storm Sandy? That happened right on today's date in 2012. Hurricane Sandy slammed into the New Jersey shore while a major storm developed inland over the eastern half of the nation. It became known as Super Storm Sandy, and that part of the pattern returned several more times and right on schedule according to the LRC. In fact, New Jersey would have nearly 100 mph winds in severe weather in a future cycle that same cycling pattern year. While Hurricane Sandy was hitting the New Jersey coast 4 feet of snow was falling in West Virginia on October 29, 2012. Well, look at this. While the hurricane was blasting New Orleans, a major snowstorm was in progress over the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles:
  19. Those 3 years had really good novembers! Bench mark blizzard the weekend of thanksgiving 1983. I remember the thanksgiving blizzard in 2005 but that pretty much was places west of 281. I was going to college in Lincoln at the time but a lot of my friends out in UNK had a fun time that weekend! Winter of 2000 was known for extreme cold, dry powder snows 3 weeks in a row in December. I was a junior in high school that year and we had a lot of snow days the first couple of weeks in December.
  20. If this flow pans out for the US, we would be looking at pattern that we haven't seen in ages!
  21. Really going all out in the forecast range from GID. I would think ratios are great; qpf I guess is questionable.
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