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  1. I started planting my garden yesterday and put up 186 hills of potatoes and two rows of onions. I was hoping to get my tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce planted we don't need that record cold!
  2. it was pretty crazy yesterday. I have a mowing service and was out in the country when that cold front came through. It was a sight to see; this is what happens when you combine all the farmers planting with the dry conditions. I really think this is a sign of what will be an active and crazy spring storm season IMO.
  3. Ended up with 6.5" of snow putting to rest what I would think is our last snow of the season. My winter wasn't as horrible as some on here; I actually might have ended up close to average.
  4. Yes, NAM was for sure the closest at least for my area.
  5. Man it sounds like some of you in Omaha are killing it!! My cousins live in Millard and they have 7” and counting!!
  6. Nam for the win. I’m at 5”, and thinking when all said and done will have a 5-8” band between I-80 Platte river from tri cities East. I’m sure will see isolated pockets of 8+.
  7. It’s ripping hard out there and ground has been covered up, visibility down to a half a mile. Temp is sitting right at 32 and I’m hoping this heavy snow band can hold together for a while. trim.6D56DAD4-152A-4869-AA49-DEADC83649A9.MOV
  8. That's the best run of the GFS for my area yet. Snow has finally started falling in my area, had to fight off dry air earlier. Check out the clouds that rolled through my area last night; I can't take credit for the pictures they were taken by a friend of mine.
  9. Nam for the win! Even half that would be my biggest snow since way back in November!
  10. So true! Ha. We finally start to have blocking and a neutral AO. Only took 4 months to get to this point; if anything hopefully we can at least have one more big dog and an active severe weather season.
  11. Picked up just over an inch of rain this morning. No hoping we get a little peek a sign to destabilize the atmosphere a little bit… Going to be interesting afternoon is a chance of severe weather. Then hopefully I can get some action from the snow tonight!
  12. Yes it is! Pretty surreal watching with no fans but glad they are playing them! Did you see the class A and B semis got time on sports center last night?!
  13. Ended with 5.0” on the dot. It is such a heavy wet snow, some of the big bigger trees are sagging. It certainly is a winter wonderland out there.
  14. Hastings upped my totals which is kind of a surprise. Radar doesn't look that impressive and snow rates are the same. With that being said ground is covered in snow so we shall see.
  15. Flurries are starting to sneak in… It’s crazy I can totally see the snow above us in the sky but it’s not saturated enough to get to the ground. Should be just a matter of time before we start to see some action.
  16. Good ole dry air winning out so far in my area. @centralneb. has some real good snow going on in his area. Good returns are showing up so hopefully the column gets saturated earlier than later.......
  17. Storm watches put out by North Platte. I guess I'll get pulled into one more storm this year. State boys basketball tournament starts tomorrow and the announcement was made that no one can attend except for family. I haven't missed a tournament game in years and was worried about possibly not making it home with the snow coming; I guess that won't be a worry of mine anymore! URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service North Platte NE 306 PM CDT Wed Mar 11 2020 ...Winter Storm Watch... NEZ022>026-035>038-056>059-121200- /O.NEW.KLBF.WS.A.0001.200313T2100Z-200315T0000Z/ Garden-Grant-Hooker-Thomas-Blaine-Arthur-McPherson-Logan-Custer- Deuel-Keith-Perkins-Lincoln- Including the cities of Oshkosh, Lewellen, Hyannis, Mullen, Thedford, Halsey, Dunning, Purdum, Brewster, Arthur, Tryon, Ringgold, Stapleton, Broken Bow, Chappell, Big Springs, Ogallala, Paxton, Grant, and North Platte 306 PM CDT Wed Mar 11 2020 /206 PM MDT Wed Mar 11 2020/ ...WINTER STORM WATCH IN EFFECT FROM FRIDAY AFTERNOON THROUGH SATURDAY EVENING... * WHAT...Heavy snow possible. Total snow accumulations of 6 inches or more possible. * WHERE...Portions of central, north central, panhandle, southwest and west central Nebraska. * WHEN...From Friday afternoon through Saturday evening. * IMPACTS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the evening commute.
  18. It was pretty crazy; I only had 4 blocks to drive to get to school and visibility was literally a block.
  19. So sad to hear Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter where among 5 killed in a helicopter crash today. Wow.
  20. Blizzard conditions are already starting in the southern red river valley from the current snowpack. [/size][/font][/color] What is your current snowpack? It has to be pretty think up and down the river valley?!
  21. I got hit pretty hard early this morning; I was fortunate enough to stay under the heaviest band of snow for the entire duration. I went out and measured 4" of snow. Very unusual snow for my area; I don't recall a southeast wind/snowstorm. Drifting around my house and driveway was very different!!
  22. So weird seeing the WSW in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota surrounded by the WWA for much of the rest of the great plains followed by a random WSW for Wichita CWA. Will be interesting to see if any of the other advisory areas become warnings by tomorrow; Wichita upgraded about 15 minutes ago...
  23. So crazy; usually I'm talking about the platte river being the dividing line of snow to the north or south for my area. Now it's the Missouri river with this storm; anywhere along and to the east of the Missouri River valley looks to score a decent storm out of this one. Good luck to those to the east, looks like another storm that misses me.
  24. It seems fitting I get missed to the north and east tomorrow since I missed in the other direction with the last storm.
  25. You and I are sitting at pretty much the same total and I received the majority of my total from the one storm in November. That just tells you how random these systems have been this year; your area, Omaha, Lincoln and out in central Nebraska all sit close to the same latitude yet we vary in snow totals from 7 to upwards of 30!!!!
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