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  1. D**n exciting to see this forecast! In Feb 2019 SSW we got 3+ feet of snow (hella fun) in 4 weeks and in Dec 2008 we got 5+ feet of snow in 2-3 weeks (insane).
  2. Hoping the snowfall maps verify. This would be amazing to see with everyone posting pics of the event.
  3. January finished as 10th least snowfall going back to 18xx. A letdown for La Niña.
  4. Feb 4 - March 10 2019 featured 10-20 degree below normal lows and highs and 4x the average snowfall. Wouldn’t mind a repeat of that.
  5. White out on the freeway driving last night. Beautiful this morning. got about 7-8”.
  6. 45-55 mph is impressive. I remember 5 years ago when we had 70 mph gusts and trees were down everywhere. lost power for 8 days
  7. This type of unique pattern of lows dropping in from the N/NW off the coast with N/NE Arctic winds and a foot plus of progged snowfall reminds me a whole lot of Dec 2008. Lord in heaven the snow was unbelievably deep then due to the retrograde of the lows after it dove down and stalled for a couple days. Spokane got the literal sweet spot for massive snowfall. Not every run do you see the east side getting as much snow as the pass! The beauty of this pattern is that everyone has potential to receive significant snow depending on the setup. Man with how mild this winter started...I seriously thought global warming and El Niño we’re giving a preview of mild future non-winters....guess it’s best to not get too convinced of anything hehe. Solar minimums, the last two that I’ve been a watcher of weather and a met....have all been quite snowy - not just for the inland NW but for everyone - which makes winter wildly more fascinating for model riding (and skiing!).
  8. Started as rain and 40F this afternoon and it switched over to heavy snow and 32F now. Always interesting how the relative location of the surface low affects winds and prepic type. Rain changing over to snow has always been an interesting phenomenon in November storms.
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