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  1. White out on the freeway driving last night. Beautiful this morning. got about 7-8”.
  2. 45-55 mph is impressive. I remember 5 years ago when we had 70 mph gusts and trees were down everywhere. lost power for 8 days
  3. Def getting excited for this winter given the deepening -ENSO regime.
  4. This type of unique pattern of lows dropping in from the N/NW off the coast with N/NE Arctic winds and a foot plus of progged snowfall reminds me a whole lot of Dec 2008. Lord in heaven the snow was unbelievably deep then due to the retrograde of the lows after it dove down and stalled for a couple days. Spokane got the literal sweet spot for massive snowfall. Not every run do you see the east side getting as much snow as the pass! The beauty of this pattern is that everyone has potential to receive significant snow depending on the setup. Man with how mild this winter started...I seri
  5. Started as rain and 40F this afternoon and it switched over to heavy snow and 32F now. Always interesting how the relative location of the surface low affects winds and prepic type. Rain changing over to snow has always been an interesting phenomenon in November storms.
  6. Arctic Kush with a dab of Drunk Uncle's fairy dust. Snowing here now but expecting marginal accumulations due to temps at 33 F. Should get purdy cold next week. Snow chances late Monday and Thursday should be enjoyable as high temps will be in the teens and 20's. Hoping to get 6" at least b/t the two storms and 1-2' in the mountains.
  7. PDO down to 0.45 for September (coolest since February 2014). ENSO 3.4 down to -1.12. Blob is dead. Another round of Easterlies are about to kick in.
  8. This December looks to be similar to last year atm. I wouldn't mind.
  9. great animation of 200 mb forcing. really fascinating how it all fits together...eventually effecting the sensible weather here or there. SOI: Solar: sunspots dropped to zero on 6/4 for the first time in the eventual cycle 24/25 minimum. Interesting article regarding the current cycle: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/06/04/solar-cycle-update-spotless/
  10. I'll vouch for the MJO overriding the ENSO forcing in late December 2015 when it persisted in octant 4/5 from the 13/14th to New Years day where we received 30" snow in two weeks. The rest of the 2015/2016 winter received a meager 12".
  11. I forgot to mention that I was referring to the Arctic. I'd say that bodes better for us than the opposite.
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