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  1. UPDATE: The Sept. 5 and 6 heatwave has produced a couple more 120+ readings in SoCal. I will start off by saying that the 120 and 121 readings at Chino AP are certainly overexposed. I believe this station and Ontario are considered unofficial by the NWS. There are bonafide legit readings of 121 at Woodland Hills and 120 at Cachuma Lake on the 6th. These are unquestionably the highest recorded temps in both LA and Santa Barbara counties. It is too bad that there is no recording anymore at El Capitan Dam in SD County. That location could have very well reached 119-121 on the 5
  2. The previous all-time high for this station was 113 degrees on 7/15/1972. That one certainly appears legit even though it is missing from the WRCC climate table. There are a couple different stations there dating back to 1937 or so. The previous station ran from 1937-65 and it appears quite a bit a cooler than the current station which runs from 1972-Present. It could be overexposed or not. Just trying to clarify a confusing situation...
  3. Probably 1993 for me during what some call the 'Pinatubo Years'. It typically averages 95 during the day in my area, but there were many occurrences of 82 and 84 degrees for several weeks. I think July only managed to average 87 during the day for the month. Good times. 2010 and 2011 were also very nice down my way.
  4. Mine would probably be 1992-93 in the San Diego area. One of, if not, the wettest, rainfall year for North County Inland locations. Lake Henshaw and Palomar Mountain had their wettest years on record. January 1993 rainfall from Palomar to Lake Henshaw to Borrego Springs to Campo recorded more rainfall than would normally fall in an entire year! Massive rutting on my driveway near Warner Springs - got stuck on two occasions trying to get up to the house. Palomar Obs. Avg. Rainfall 29" 32.93" 1/1993 Henshaw Dam 26" 29.25" 1/199
  5. For me it would be Winter 2001-02 in the Southern California mountains. Driest winter at San Diego AP, as they only recorded only 3.02 inches of rain. There have been drier years for LA/Orange County that followed this one(2006-07, 2017-18). There have been longer drought periods statewide(2014-2018), but no other drought period can match the amount of bark beetle devastation that occurred during this time. Areas such as Julian and Lake Arrowhead were absolutely ravaged to be sure. Palomar Mountain had a massive die-off of White Firs near the Observatory. I even saw areas of Anza Borrego
  6. I just recently found out(via XM-ACIS) that Ben Lomond, CA reached a mind-blowing 119 degrees on 9/2/2017. It was also 106 at San Fran(Downtown) and 110 in Santa Cruz on the previous day. Both of these cities reached all-time record highs, but the Ben Lomond station has always seemed a little bit suspect to me. It has also allegedly reached 112 on 10/2/2012 and 10/8/1996. If these readings are indeed legitimate, this town would hold the highest September and October readings outside of the desert southwest!! Absolutely amazing if true. I still do find it hard to believe that this unassum
  7. Is there any possibily that the 88 at Cumberland in Feb. 1932 could actually be legit??
  8. There was an 87 degree reading at Westernport in Feb. 1932 not that far from Cumberland. Do you suppose that that reading is legit?? If not, what is the true February record for Maryland? There are a few 84 readings that are probably on the money.
  9. Jan 85 Freeport, PA in 1906(if it's legit) -27 New Market, AL in 1966 Feb 88 Cumberland, MD 1932 -2 Tallahasse, FL 13/1899 Mar 104 Frederick, OK 29/1971 -48 Couderay, WI 1/1962 Apr 112 El Toro MCAS 6/1989(not sure if legit) -30 Humboldt, MI 1/1923 May 111 Langdon, ND 30/1934(practically in Canada!!)(June record is only 106) -11 Sugarloaf Res, CO 3/2013 June 115 Santa Barbara, CA 15/1917 0 White Mountain Peak, CA 2007 July 121 Steele, ND 6/1936 or 116 Co
  10. Very impressive indeed. I believe the town of Spray, Oregon reached 116 that same day for the 'true' August high for OR.
  11. I have wondered about the Chino reading myself. Their readings during various heatwaves in the last few years have been higher than some other stations which typically get hotter(such as Riverside, etc.) Chino is not what I would call a hotspot when compared to Riverside, San Bernardino or Redlands. I believe the 120 reading on 7/6/2018 is slightly overexposed. I also think that the 117 reading at Ramona is a bit overexposed as well. Despite this, there were some phenomenal records such as the record-tying 118 at Riverside, all-time records of 114 at Santa Ana/Burbank as well as
  12. Sounds about right Phil. There are far more occurrences of 120 degrees in the early 20th century as opposed to later 20th/Post Y2K. 1936 seems to dominate by a huge margin.
  13. California 120 at Orland on 7/8/1905(8/7/1908 reading is suspect) 120 at Coalinga on 7/18/1925 120 at Middlewater on 8/15/1920 120 at San Jacinto on 7/27/1934 121 at Red Bluff on 8/7/1981 120 at Chino AP on 7/6/2018 (120 reading at Henshaw Dam on 7/29/1980 is laughably dubious) (124 and 120 readings in 1931 at Westhaven are dubious) Texas 120 at Seymour on 8/12/1936 120 at Monahans on 6/28/1994 Arkansas 120 at Ozark on 8/10/1936 Oklahoma 120 at Alva on 7/18/1936 120 at Altus on 7/19/1936 120 at Poteau on 8/10/1936 120 at Altus
  14. I dont think that the 107 at Chester on 8/4/1975 is legit, among many other of its monthly high temp extremes. July 1982 was not a record setting July yet it says Chester reached 106 on that month. Highly questionable imo.
  15. Conn. has good potential to be broken in the future. Mass. has reached 107 on 8/4/1975 at New Bedford and Chester(bit overexposed though). It has also reached 106 in NH and another 106 in MA(7/4/1911). A very good chance Connecticut has...
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