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  1. You must have missed my lengthy musings on the paradoxical nature of the human condition brought about by your simultaneous love of dry summer heat and hatred of summer fires. It’s a good read.
  2. I think observing changes in our climate is somewhat relevant to what we discuss here. There is really nothing to settle, things have been warming. I guess one point of potential argument is where things end up over the coming decades.
  3. My point to dolt was more that the shift isn't even inherently bad, and embracing the enjoyable sides of it is probably the psychologically healthiest thing to do in our situation. But if you are going to do that be prepared to deal with the bad parts too. Or at least realize that they are tied and don't be a hypocrite enjoying one thing while simultaneously bitching about its natural outcomes. Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too (ie basking in increasingly long, sweltering summers with our familiar old lush green landscape as a backdrop, or winters remaining just as snowy as the
  4. Yeah, that would be nice and even some modern summers do work out that way (2019). But summertime dryness without thunderstorms is the west coast default the farther south you go. So as climate zones shift north look no farther than places like Roseburg and Medford to see what it will be like there in 50 years. No real increase in thunderstorms but definitely more hot and dry days with little in the way of marine influence.
  5. It all comes with the territory. If you are going to embrace the endless 90s be ready to embrace more lowland fires and a different, less green landscape. It's part of the same phenomenon.
  6. Yeah that's the thing when rainfall and temperature patterns gradually shift north it's silly to act like its going to hit southern regions harder. I have been up and down to I-90 corridor several times over the last five years and they have no fewer dead and dying cedars, hemlocks and douglas firs than anywhere down here. In fact the area around Denny Creek/Franklin Falls is probably a little worse than anywhere in the Mount Hood corridor.
  7. I was amazed at all the dead trees around Gold Creek pond just east of Snoqualmie pass when we stopped there for a short hike early last September. It was a pretty walk though still.
  8. Close to 1971-2000 average temps that JJA. The flowers are blocking the gun it's holding to its head.
  9. You act like you never left. I can't remember the last time you posted about the weather and not other people.
  10. A wintery 46/28 spread here today. Frosty morning and some interesting high clouds at times this afternoon.
  11. Hey if the trade off is getting rid of those soul crushing summer marine layer days in the low 70s, I'll gladly take it!!!
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