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  1. DP of 23 at PDX. Just sickening. Noticing a lot of the new green leaves already look wilted.
  2. There have already been a lot of fires up in Western Wa too. The whole region is in need of a several week soaking. One of my friends in Monroe posted a pic of their lawn the other day and it looked as brown as the Mojave.
  3. Clear with a low of 42 here. 71/43 yesterday with east winds and high clouds in the afternoon.
  4. Haven’t seen a bolt of lightning in 87 years either.
  5. Given how soon everything dried out down there this year I figured you were seeing fall colors by now.
  6. What a great looking 12z Euro run. Just two more days of the warm pattern, then 2.5" of rain for the Portland area through the end of the run. That would be an absolute godsend. It will suck seeing that number get whittled down the next several runs.
  7. I don't think it's usually out of malice or even uncaring, just lack of information and unfamiliarity with actual nature. When people go somewhere in the outdoors that they saw on social media and know nothing else about the place that's the sort of thing you get. I'm sure there are some who think that the rangers come up and replant them every year. That said the higher number of people enjoying the outdoors is good to see in many ways too.
  8. Nice video. That's a gorgeous area. And tell those people if they go off the trail and sit in the flowers there will be no more to see in a few years
  9. If enjoying and observing the changes in sun angles and vegetation makes you boring then we should start a boring club
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