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  1. Looks like a decent cell with some lightning is hitting the northern Oregon coast this morning. Mostly cloudy with a very warm low of just 70 so far here.
  2. I think the Mountain west sub forum is feeling lonely.
  3. Tonight’s on track to be one of the Portland area’s warmest nights on record without trying all that hard.
  4. Should be fun watching those colorful precip maps dwindle back down to nothing over the next 7 days. Definitely too early to football analogy of choice this thing.
  5. Low of 68 so far for PDX seems pretty crooked for a traditional heatwave. 62 here.
  6. If Flatiron is seriously still trying to argue that this hasn’t been a hot summer, I don’t know why anyone is even bothering to respond at this point.
  7. Over 1/3" rainfall reported in Klamath Falls today, with an afternoon high of just 68. Nice to see.
  8. What a godsend that pattern would be. A good analog could be the trough tease in early August 2018 that ultimately ended up digging well offshore and giving us another heatwave.
  9. Fits well with my prediction of the weather doing something over the next couple weeks.
  10. Careful. There are some here who are incredibly defensive about the topic. Like you will make them cry.
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