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  1. This doesn’t look too bad Andrew. Just enough cool air intrusions to freshen up the inversions.
  2. The next few weeks will be pretty chilly at the surface, at face value. Wintery.
  3. Oh no, that means the Pacific is still alive and we're not a polar desert yet.
  4. Showers here with a low of 39. 42 currently. Looks like the passes are getting shellacked this morning.
  5. Fun little front. Probably the most lively this month. Picked up a quick 1/3" of rain in about 15 minutes. Some gusty WNW winds too. The rain was blowing in in sheets at points. Still raining moderately, and down to 44.
  6. Edmonton, Canada probably has all those things, and sits at 53N. That is at least half way there.
  7. Meant to post these earlier, but there were some great early season snow conditions up on Hood this weekend. Snowshoed the PCT in the Barlow Pass area, then to Enid Lake by Gov’t Camp for sunset. Easily 2+ snow around Barlow, maybe a foot or so near Gov’t.
  8. Radar starting to fill in here. South wind has been kicking up a little the last few hours. Ended up with a seasonable 50/38 day. Mostly cloudy and dry during the majority of daylight hours with some morning sunbreaks.
  9. You post nonsense in our sub forum all the time. Seems like it should be a two way street. At least those videos were actually related to the weather down there, and kind of entertaining.
  10. That was a fun one. Some of the most frozen I’ve seen the Gorge waterfalls. There was significant ice even on the edge of the Columbia out by Rooster Rock. Ended with a very windswept mini snow event about a week before Christmas. Then we pretty much torched non-stop until the mid February arctic episode.
  11. One opinion I like and one I don’t. Not sure whether to downvote or like this comment. Inner conflict
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