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  1. Back and safe. Man, what an experience. Gives you a whole new appreciation for what some folks do all season every year. Hard work is an understatement. Taking a much anticipated trip back to NW Montana now.
  2. Heading up north to Cub Creek tomorrow.
  3. Dude, take a step outside of the two miles bordering the Puget sound. The sustained heat has by and large put 2015 to shame for the rest of the region.
  4. Hey, you aren’t putting sunshine in a very good light here!! (haha) Not cool! (lol)
  5. Yup, *probably* won’t smash all-time record highs by close to ten degrees again. #summersover
  6. I said nothing about oppressiveness. Just being astounded at the continued warmth and skeptical of rainfall chances that are being continuously pushed back at the back end of it. I know that doesn’t fit the all important this is actually perfect summer weather just learn to love it narrative, which of course immediately puts me in the line of fire.
  7. Some here expect that everyone have a completely zen attitude with regard to any and all weather patterns, unless of course it’s cooler and wetter than average for a few days + in which case it’s totally acceptable to completely freak the f*ck out.
  8. Following our driest spring on record. Our warmest June on record. Our hottest heat wave/temps on record and now rounding out our 3rd or 4th warmest July on record. It has indeed been pretty horrific, especially for someone who works outdoors and sees the affects on our landscape firsthand every day. I'm sorry that opinion bothers you so much but
  9. Hard to believe we are heading into yet another 3-4 day run of heat after today. That escalated quickly. Some dwindling rainfall chances at the end of that tunnel, but wouldn’t surprise me to lose that entirely at some point in the next 48-72 hours.
  10. Only hit 81 for a high here with mostly cloudy skies, which is one of the cooler highs I’ve had on a day where the morning low was near 70. Maybe a midnight low tonight.
  11. Looks like a decent cell with some lightning is hitting the northern Oregon coast this morning. Mostly cloudy with a very warm low of just 70 so far here.
  12. I think the Mountain west sub forum is feeling lonely.
  13. Tonight’s on track to be one of the Portland area’s warmest nights on record without trying all that hard.
  14. Should be fun watching those colorful precip maps dwindle back down to nothing over the next 7 days. Definitely too early to football analogy of choice this thing.
  15. Low of 68 so far for PDX seems pretty crooked for a traditional heatwave. 62 here.
  16. If Flatiron is seriously still trying to argue that this hasn’t been a hot summer, I don’t know why anyone is even bothering to respond at this point.
  17. Euro says nah let’s just stay warm/hot and dry. #reality
  18. Over 1/3" rainfall reported in Klamath Falls today, with an afternoon high of just 68. Nice to see.
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