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  1. Clear with a low of 42 here. 71/43 yesterday with east winds and high clouds in the afternoon.
  2. Haven’t seen a bolt of lightning in 87 years either.
  3. Given how soon everything dried out down there this year I figured you were seeing fall colors by now.
  4. What a great looking 12z Euro run. Just two more days of the warm pattern, then 2.5" of rain for the Portland area through the end of the run. That would be an absolute godsend. It will suck seeing that number get whittled down the next several runs.
  5. I don't think it's usually out of malice or even uncaring, just lack of information and unfamiliarity with actual nature. When people go somewhere in the outdoors that they saw on social media and know nothing else about the place that's the sort of thing you get. I'm sure there are some who think that the rangers come up and replant them every year. That said the higher number of people enjoying the outdoors is good to see in many ways too.
  6. Nice video. That's a gorgeous area. And tell those people if they go off the trail and sit in the flowers there will be no more to see in a few years
  7. If enjoying and observing the changes in sun angles and vegetation makes you boring then we should start a boring club
  8. The change in leaf coverage in the last week while we were out of town has been drastic. Feels like coming back to a totally different season.
  9. I can understand and appreciate the unique aspects of the pattern that have piqued your interest. But at the same time you've got to see how another warm and very dry middle part of the spring could feel like more of the same crap we have seen dominate our weather in recent years. All depends on how you look at it I guess. The cold over the mountain west when we were in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana the last week definitely showed the flip side of the warmer pattern we have been in along the coast. There were 4-5 days where we didn't see the temp rise above the low 40s and each day had stick
  10. Whatever can help get us some desperately needed rainfall. The Euro showed the late week cool down too and those runs were generally a little quicker with the onset of a pattern that could give us precip.
  11. East winds kicked in shortly after this. Gusty now with a temp up to 60. Spokane had an pretty impressive temp drop late yesterday with NE winds. We were there yesterday morning and early afternoon and it was calm, sunny and warm. Missed the weather change by 4-5 hours.
  12. For everywhere wondering/speculating about where I have been, I am very flattered We have been on a road trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone this week. Took a nice week off before starting a new job later this month. It’s been gorgeous. Amazingly chilly out this way despite how warm it has been closer to the coast. It has snowed at some point the last 4 days, and most mornings have been in the teens. The extremely boring weather back home is part of the reason I haven’t posted much, but it’s also really nice just to unplug for several days and enjoy nature. Will be back in town
  13. Frosty with a low of 33 so far here. May drop a bit more before sunrise.
  14. If the 00Z GFS verified verbatim April would end up much warmer and drier than average.
  15. I imagine that beautiful trillium of the woods representing you Andrew, and all the dull plants surrounding it are all the phonies that just don’t understand. @SilverFallsAndrew
  16. It seems like the warmer temperatures would make the nature of the circulation regime inherently different by definition but that is getting slightly above my pay grade.
  17. 58/28 day here. Pretty impressive spread for a totally clear day this late in the season. A cool, dry west wind kicked up in the afternoon when we were taking a nice walk by Cottonwood Beach in Washougal.
  18. Recent dry years like 2015 and 2018 have been some of our worst on record for warm season cool anomalies, though. I guess we could abruptly switch to an early to mid 1950s regime despite global temps being several degrees warmer now but I wouldn't hang my hat on it.
  19. Of course a +PNA doesn't mean there is a ridge over us nonstop, though. As you have argued before, even "stormy" patterns can technically be a +PNA. Three weeks from today would take us to very early May.
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