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  1. Even though I hate his weather preferences (at least from April to October) and am peeved about him trivializing wildfires, I wouldn't want to see Randy gone for good.
  2. Took you a while to speak up, but there it is. SHOCKING you took the side that wasn't me.
  3. We've had a few people jump ship lately. Been a long, hot summer.
  4. Looks like PDX dodged 90. Stay tuned for their next shot in a week or two
  5. I'm mostly hoping we see enough rain to offset whatever fires may be started by lightning. I do agree it's an interesting setup though.
  6. I don’t think you’ve had the pleasure of being here long enough to deal with certain people when the weather doesn’t go in their favor for extended periods. Been a great last several years to be a sun and warmth lover around here. Especially in our ever lengthening warm season.
  7. I’ve barely talked about it for the very fact that I figured I’d be accused of weaponizing it. Kind of says a lot about this place. Then again a lot of people were supportive and grateful and I do really appreciate that. A lot of good people post here too, just not nearly at the same volume as some of the louder more abrasive voices, unfortunately.
  8. I’m mildly intrigued by the little shortwave tonight. Hopefully it doesn’t just start more fires.
  9. Yeah, accusing someone of “playing a card” when they mention helping with the fire effort is pretty d**n low.
  10. 87/56 day here. Smoky, hazy skies have returned for the time being. Looks like PDX was a pretty close shave for 90 after 5pm. My guess is they hit it.
  11. Might have done it in August but was too busy fighting the fires caused by all that “perfection”.
  12. So for you, “perfection” is nothing less than one of the most environmentally destructive summers in our region’s history. Noted.
  13. Matt in two months: Sometimes it’s really nice to be wrong
  14. It was hilarious. And yes, we know you hope the rain holds off until November
  15. If there is that much precip with it hopefully new fire starts wouldn’t be as much of an issue.
  16. I was getting an HCS vibe earlier but it has cleared out a little since. Send it our way Andrew.
  17. Seems a little out of left field. My post was strictly meteorological. That said; you'll be fine. I'll be fine. We'll all be fine. Unless it rains on a weekend, of course.
  18. I can picture some demonic afternoon warming. Although we are getting to the point in the year where we generally need some assistance from offshore flow at the surface to get there.
  19. Way too early in the season for an Aleutian Low to be a slam dunk for a wet pattern here, at least given modern climo/expanded Hadley cells. Some sort of monsoonal or subtropical tap is probably our best bet for September in this day and age.
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