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  1. Chilly and sunny here with less wind than yesterday. Up to 48 after a low of 27. Will probably end up in the low 50s today which is still a solid 10 degree below average.
  2. It has been mentioned, but the 29 at PDX beats their old daily record low of 30, set in 1963. Also their earliest 20s in goodness knows how long.
  3. Mostly cloudy and 34 here at sunrise. Not even any frost. You never would have known it was crystal clear and in the mid to upper 20s here just four hours ago.
  4. Low of 27 here. Pretty impressive. Scattered clouds have moved in now and the temp is up to 31. The 29 at PDX is a good one. Probably their earliest low in the 20s in many years.
  5. Some lingering breezes from time to time here, but despite that it’s already down to 37.
  6. Some impressive cold in the basin today too. High of just 33 in Pendleton sticks out.
  7. Yeah, it has dropped off noticeably here just after sunset. Kind of crazy to think about the kind of lows some places could see where it goes calm most of the night. Especially if high clouds aren’t much of an issue.
  8. 45/35 so far today. Mostly sunny with a brisk East wind. Spent a lot of the day outside.
  9. And now just over a week and half later they have seen two consecutive highs colder than that.
  10. I know. I agree it’s a good setup, but it seems like such certainly before the actual event is almost begging for a jinx. Or worse yet for you to be really let down tomorrow if it doesn’t work out. Sometimes it’s more fun just to let it ride a little.
  11. Just NO WAY we don’t get much colder than forecast tonight. Literally NOTHING could go wrong.
  12. Impressively chilly afternoon. High of just 45 so far with gusty east winds. Down to 44 now so that might have been it for the day. DP in the low to mid teens. The wind has been just about perfect. Strong enough to hold temps down make it feel chilly, but not so strong it’s ripping all the remaining leaves off the trees. Could mean we finally get some good color later this week.
  13. Hope you are enjoying the current cold spell. HIO could get into the low to mid 20s tonight.
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