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  1. Ended up with a 44/24 spread here. Coldest day of the winter so far. Hard frost in the morning which stuck around in the shade through early afternoon, giving away to chilly sunshine.
  2. Seems like a stretch. Try not to generalize and insert politics into every situation. Just because you disagree with someone doesn't mean it's necessarily due to a political divide, especially an extreme one like that. They could have easily been a liberal or conservative. I would have ripped them a new one for making that comment here regardless
  3. Pro tip. You don't have to constantly remind people that you don't think things look exciting. We can all just assume it's the default unless otherwise stated.
  4. After yesterday's epic fail, I will now accept nothing less than 40s or lower through Valentines Day.
  5. Meanwhile it appears PDX has failed to remain at 45 or lower today. They have just been awful lately.
  6. Lucky bums with your sub-40 highs. High of 43 so far here which is the coldest of the month still, should start going down again soon. Hoping to pull of something sub-40 in the tomorrow-Tuesday time frame.
  7. And I'm guessing it will end up getting you a restraining order.
  8. I'm guessing all of the above will be. @Omegaraptor will actually be livestreaming from the 76 station in Yreka, Jim Cantore style, until about five minutes in when he realizes he hates snow and a heavy warm rain would be much preferred.
  9. Still could end up with a bigger positive departure than December, depending on how things go.
  10. Assuming PDX makes it to 45-ish today, this January will drop behind 2020 and 2018 to fourth warmest on record by tomorrow. #eightwholedayslefttoo #wegotthis
  11. From Pennsylvania folks were traveling down to Dixie's sunny shore.
  12. 12z Euro shows a persistently chilly pattern for the PNW with low snow levels at times. Not really much in the way of blocking though. Hopefully that will return at some point in February. The Cascades and Sierras look to start making up lost ground for snowpack in a very big way.
  13. Meanwhile Tiger's low has been retroactively upgraded to 36.
  14. I am intrigued that the EURO is still trying to spit out some 0.5-1" snow totals north of the Columbia River tomorrow night.
  15. Gotta have something to freak out about. Be it our gradually declining winters, increasingly corrupt politicians, or the inordinately bad weather luck for one little neighborhood in Springfield.
  16. AOC derangement syndrome should get a little boost in the coming months, I imagine.
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