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  1. Looks like a decent cell with some lightning is hitting the northern Oregon coast this morning. Mostly cloudy with a very warm low of just 70 so far here.
  2. I think the Mountain west sub forum is feeling lonely.
  3. Tonight’s on track to be one of the Portland area’s warmest nights on record without trying all that hard.
  4. Should be fun watching those colorful precip maps dwindle back down to nothing over the next 7 days. Definitely too early to football analogy of choice this thing.
  5. Low of 68 so far for PDX seems pretty crooked for a traditional heatwave. 62 here.
  6. If Flatiron is seriously still trying to argue that this hasn’t been a hot summer, I don’t know why anyone is even bothering to respond at this point.
  7. Over 1/3" rainfall reported in Klamath Falls today, with an afternoon high of just 68. Nice to see.
  8. What a godsend that pattern would be. A good analog could be the trough tease in early August 2018 that ultimately ended up digging well offshore and giving us another heatwave.
  9. Fits well with my prediction of the weather doing something over the next couple weeks.
  10. Careful. There are some here who are incredibly defensive about the topic. Like you will make them cry.
  11. There have almost been enough withered dead leaves around here left over from the gates of hell opening for a couple days in late June to warrant a second leafblower season entirely.
  12. I found the will to go out on the porch and watch it as well as snap a photo of the pretty pink clouds despite clearly hating my life.
  13. Looks like the 00Z GFS likes the idea of that little vort max lifting north late Saturday/early Sunday as well.
  14. Talking about how ridiculously warm and dry it’s been in a bad light is quite offensive. Not like people are actually affected by things like severe drought and wildfire. Now if they closed the Keizer In-N-out!!
  15. So if we see literally anything other than a stagnant, sprawling 4CH centered to our east and weak onshore flow west of the Cascades in the next few weeks you will call it a forecasting win. That’s like Phil level hedging.
  16. Weren’t you just talking about a high end heat event in the wake of the last run? That would be more of the same.
  17. For the record, neither the 12z EPS mean nor the Euro operational are showing a pattern shake up with troughing inland and more heat near the coast at day 10. That’s just a different flavor of a roided up 4CH driven western heat pattern, still centered inland with troughing offshore on the EPS and operational.
  18. It’s all good. I think people will see a lot of complaining about the heat and rainlessness and just associate it all with me, even if I’m not logged in. That said, I definitely haven’t been happy with the weather this summer, but that can be said about most summers recently.
  19. 12z EPS 500mb mean on the left, op on the right. Hour 240: Some slight differences...
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