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  1. We miss you Tiger 🐯 :(

    1. TigerWoodsLibido


      I'm still here watching and enjoying this like a coach from the sidelines. Sometimes when there's no pressure or borderline scenario then things are easier to come to acceptance with. This didn't really ever feel like an event that was going to be impactful this far south. My Leon Lett GIF was meant to me an indicator of that. No narrative-peddling here, happy for y'all and I hope you get many feet. We got buried 2 years ago. If this were a 1996-2003-type stretch then it would be tougher to come to grips with.

      One thing I would love to see is further study on the types of events which bring snow down here to the southern areas because it feels like they are of a different nature than this and I really would love to understand the dynamics of them better. Since there aren't very many people down this way, then I get sad and feel forgotten, like we aren't important and aren't worth studying or focusing on since we are in a pretty dynamic location IMO, being so close to the triple point of the Willamette, Siuslaw, and Umpqua drainages, while EUG is a few miles NW of the city proper and feels more like it is a distinctly Willamette Valley feeling IMO.

      In any case, I'm truly happy that y'all broke a bunch of streaks with this and it would be awesome if y'all could root for us to break our sub-freezing high drought one day because it's getting pretty hilarious to this point. I mean, our coldest temp of this fall-winter is gonna be from Oct 26 hahahahaha. I checked ACIS twice to make sure and this is the only fall-winter combo on record that would feature that for EUG lol.

      All the best to you man.

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