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  1. 50 minutes ago, rsktkr said:

    It's strange how I like the bleak model runs so much.

    Things change so fast. That means bad model runs can flip the script super fast just like great model runs can.

    When we are enjoying great model runs I am constantly nervous because a flip means we flip to bad. When model runs are bleak we have the potential to flip to great.

    Therefore, I'm just fine with bleak model runs because a fast flip brings the goods.

    I know bleak runs sometimes come to fruition but I still enjoy the constant state of a possible positive flip as opposed to the opposite.

    Weird stuff I know but that's how my brain works. Ha!





    I get this.

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  2. 15 minutes ago, FroYoBro said:

    I was a freshman in December 2005 and remember that one. I noticed the golf course lakes freezing over on my walk home from school every day. I really enjoyed how cold that one got. 

    That was a fun one. Some of the most frozen I’ve seen the Gorge waterfalls. There was significant ice even on the edge of the Columbia out by Rooster Rock.

    Ended with a very windswept mini snow event about a week before Christmas. Then we pretty much torched non-stop until the mid February arctic episode.

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