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  1. 9 minutes ago, Deweydog said:

    I was agreeing with you.  And you’ve said yourself you enjoy the attention all the inane downvoting gets you?

    It’s harmless and honestly way better than clogging the forum with little fights like you’ve been doing all day. Just roll with it. A little red arrow on the internet never hurt anybody. 🥰

    I’ve also stayed away for long periods this spring when the weather was unfavorable, rather than doubling down and posting 20x more as some would. Pretty happy with today’s event though. Shaping up to be my favorite weather day since 2/13. Let’s focus on the POSITIVE!

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Deweydog said:

    You’ve had a rough spring. Not everyone can just roll with the atmospheric punches and it’s good to respect that. There aren’t enough downvotes on our warming planet to make me think otherwise.🥰🤮🥰

    You are laughably arrogant and one sided.

    Nice job getting things back on the personal attack track for this page though. There was an embarrassing amount of actual weather discussion going on!

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  3. 6 minutes ago, FroYoBro said:

    Some nice precip. rates on the westside of town now. It’s too bad this afternoon band isn’t shifted about 50 miles east, but overall this system has been a success down here.

    I was just going to post that we are getting moderate rain here and have surpassed an inch for the event. Radar keeps filling in nicely to the east. Looks like the Willamette Valley is getting a good soaking now as well.

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