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  1. A cute puppy playfully poking its head of out of package with the Costco logo on it was what I had in mind, but apparently no stock photos like that exist, at least with a superficial google image search.
  2. Was going for something Costco/Puppy themed and it was the best I could come up with.
  3. Our little 1/20 pattern breaker is showing up alive and well at hour 204 on the 12z Euro. Nice to see that becoming somewhat of a consistent feature across the suite of models, and even moving up in timing.
  4. One of my best friends has been at the 1st Street location for eight years now.
  5. Fun to watch the 500mb loop of the pattern progression on the 12Z GFS. The overall regime starts the shift to more meridional once this little AR blows through on Wednesday. From there it gradually ups the ante. Sort of a classic progression.
  6. 12z GFS looks pretty epic. One nice flip side of the models not showing much eye candy in the long range this winter so far (probably because they are slowly getting better) is that when they finally do it holds a bit more credence.
  7. Yeah I tend to like this attitude more. Setting strict, impossible to adhere to in the real world ground rules for discourse is too dogmatic for me. Even if it sounds great on the surface.
  8. Of course this is way easier said than done in a large group of people with a wide range of personalities, some of whom have been interacting online for well over a decade. Sadly the social dynamic here (or anywhere) isn't simple and easy to condense into flashy catch all platitudes, like, say, the PDO or low solar. Nice bumper sticker though. I think I'll buy the house!
  9. There's no one here who I truly despise. #nicestcommentyou'llevergetfromme
  10. AR and then into the ice box within two weeks. Jim couldn't have scripted it better himself. Let's hope it doesn't screw up the snow pack too bad. Although something tells me there will be a lot of make up time in the late January through April period.
  11. You nearly done? I swear this is going to drag on longer than the 12Z takes to load. Probably no coincidence there...
  12. Frequent healthy rain events has been one really nice aspect of this winter so far. I think it's easy to forget how dry some winters of the recent past have been, and how hard it was at points to even get one decent soaking, let alone several.
  13. Seems like you usually make a little pot stirring post like this right around the time everything is dying down. Common denominator I have done nothing this morning aside from stoically weather unrelenting personal attacks, dust off, and attempt to move on.
  14. I’m just a worthless piece of sh*t with no redeeming qualities. Good one man. Hahaha Anyone else want to take a swing? I popped on this morning because I thought the 06z looked great. Would rather talk about that.
  15. You seem to be in one of your strange moods where you are lashing out at people for no reason this morning. Probably personal problems. So I will be the bigger person and give you one for these out of place attacks. Forgiveness is an important thing I was actually agreeing with your observation that FroYo's posting style can be pretty similar to mine sometimes. I've noticed that with many of the people who take up issue with me here, yourself included
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