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  1. Pretty good snows in the mountains the last several days. Ending the season with a bang. This will probably be the last several day period of heavy snows in the Cascades until sometime next fall. Whenever the higher peaks out here have been unobscured I have noticed snow on them since about Tuesday.
  2. It's almost May. It is going to get a little quieter. As long as we can avoid major torching I am happy.
  3. Absolutely love the progression on the 12Z EURO. Nice dynamic pattern. Looks like it will be a classic case of very cool to very warm, then back to very cool.
  4. We had almost two feet when all was said and done. The temp spread was 18/14 on the first day of snowfall.
  5. I will take not much of anything over the SW. I always hate to see them fry this early because that means the heat is already anchoring itself out west, and will likely be coming our way in a month or two. I also like the cold anomalies centered over the Northern Rockies. That anomaly placement often results in pretty nice weather for us, ie sunny, seasonable days and cool nights.
  6. We can't call it a snowstorm because it didn't affect thousands of square miles? It significantly impacted most of SW Washington and the Willamette Valley. It was a major event. Power failure probably wasn't as much of an issue because there wasn't much in the way of ZR, at least in your area.
  7. Love it. No sign of major heat building across the Four Corners. Heat building down there early can often be a harbinger of a hot summer for us.
  8. Strange look to the Portlad radar today. Nothing seems to be moving, at least not quickly. Just a bunch of semi-stationary blobs of rain speckled all over the map.
  9. I thought you guys were going to continue this via PM?
  10. The mild lows have been frustrating this month. I think we have some good years ahead, though. I really do believe that. I know it wasn't great in your backyard but this winter was pretty solid for much of the region. I suppose that could explain your sour mood to some extent. Nothing worse than feeling left out.
  11. Showers and sunbreaks today. High 56, low 48 (so far).
  12. That was something you would often talk about before you entered this mid-life crisis or whatever that is going on.
  13. The GFS and the EURO have come into agreement, if anything, the past few days. At least from what I can tell. 18Z GFS takes a step toward the EURO as far the event's timing is concerned.
  14. I really like that EURO output. The chilly lows at the onset would make this a pretty enjoyable event for me. Big fan of wide diurnal temp swings.
  15. The mountains in this area above 3,500 had a fairly significant snow event yesterday.
  16. That's the problem with Brett Anderson. He will only use blue when he is forced to in the (relatively) short range. Of course he has to illustrate what the models are overwhelmingly indicating when it is staring him right in the face. When the forecast is longer range (ie his ridiculous Summer forecast) he goes pretty crazy with the red, though.
  17. Dumping rain and 42 degrees here. There is a winter weather advisory for the Cascades in this area. 4-6" of snow expected above 3,500 tonight with another 4-6" tomorrow.
  18. Just reporting what the models show. I would actually be completely ok with some ridging the first weekend of May. We will be doing a trail work party in the Olympic Mountains so dry weather would be optimal.
  19. As I suspected, the 12Z EURO ensemble mean has much lower heights overall than the operational for days 7-10. While the operational hangs that trough offshore and pumps up a massive ridge, the ensemble mean is much more progressive. OP is a complete outlier by days 9 and 10.
  20. Cool day with some heavy, chilly showers this afternoon. High of 54 after a low of 42. The low actually occurred late this afternoon during an intense shower. After it cleared up there was a new dusting of snow on the peaks above 3,000'. First time I've seen that in awhile.
  21. The long range Euro is holding too much energy offshore. Just like it was doing when it was advertising a string of days around 80 the second week of April. This is a known bias from that model.
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