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  2. Hyperventilate all day about some high clouds and then spend the sunny afternoon trolling a weather forum. Weird.
  3. Today should end up a little warmer than yesterday despite models showing it slightly cooler. High temps have been overachieving almost every day lately.
  4. I’m seeing sky vomit (clouds) in all of those pictures. Pull em down!
  5. For every million acres that burns his tan will be one shade darker #worthit #tannedlivesmatter
  6. 12z Euro looks bone dry through hour 216. Late week cool down gets pretty delayed too. #juneuary
  7. Hard to believe it’s taken him all this time to find out what he needs (Tim’s adulation)
  8. Temps overachieved here pretty handily this afternoon. Decent diurnal spread though. 80/44.
  9. No. These silly little preference debates which I alone instigate more than anyone here by an order of magnitude as part of an ongoing effort to essentially turn this forum into my own private Twitter feed are sooo dumb
  10. Just imagine for a moment if we were sitting at the end of a record wet spring with a week of rainy weather ahead (including a holiday!!1!) yet complaining about some ridging on the clown range of the GFS.
  11. Ended up with .25” today here. 63/51 spread. Some gusty winds in the afternoon. 54 currently.
  12. Seasonal averages are pretty close to what we see in late September right now. This is normal.
  13. A nice soaking rainfall this morning. This front seems to be overachieving a little. Already up to .20” on the day. Low of 51.
  14. Getting pretty anxious that we may not see a June 2015 redux this year.
  15. Washington State Department of Transportation had an extensive scotch broom planting campaign in that era. It was the shrub of choice for stabilizing road banks. One reason it’s so widespread in Washington highway corridors today.
  16. Probably means it's looking nice. Some good weather ahead.
  17. 59/49 spread here yesterday with .35" rainfall. .10" so far today, good to see but we could use a lot more.
  18. Probably the heaviest rain in the last several weeks right now, which isn’t saying too much. Up to .18” on the day. Too bad the back edge is already moving in. 52 refreshing degrees.
  19. Hopefully we can get a June miracle and turn things around just a little. Although at this point avoiding a desiccated blowtorch in late August thru September might be our best bet. Maybe a nice August 2004 redux thrown in there.
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