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  1. That would be pretty outliery. As it stands now in the short to mid range the passes should stay pretty cool and see more snow at times through the coming week.
  2. If Jim doesn’t get his 100 freezes you will be haunted by 100 ghosts Andrew.
  3. How do you figure? Looks like Government Camp had a high in the mid 30s today.
  4. You want it to clear out so you can get some fog tomorrow and be in colder, drippy gloom. Do I have that right?
  5. 49/36 here today. Some low clouds early but cleared out by late morning. Crystal clear and down to 39 currently. Should score a frost or freeze tonight, maybe even before midnight at the rate it's dropping.
  6. Looks like it could be a close call whether or not we hit 50 today here. Partly sunny and 48 currently. 11/20/20 is delivering, Chris!!!
  7. On the other hand, the people getting all tied in knots over downvotes on an Internet forum are clearly cool as a cucumber
  8. Low clouds have burned off here. Shaping up to be a pretty day. 45 degrees currently.
  9. Says the guy who has been hurling insults non stop the last two days.
  10. I’ve always thought we have pretty similar preferences Fred. You should probably make me co-Admin.
  11. I am looking forward to some cooler and sunnier weather too. Said that a couple times this morning.
  12. ******* good job trying to keep things as divisive as possible mate.
  13. Yeah I hear ya if this whole fall had been above normal it would be one thing but since the second half has been cooler than normal I’m feeling better about this winter.
  14. Will be interesting to see whose game plan the weather decides to go with. I always have so much trouble deciding between all time record cold now and all time record cold later. #coolingfirstworldclimateproblems
  15. Yeah but if you are talking November 2008 and 2016 those were on a different level in terms of warmth. And of course October ended up a little warm because the chilly second half wasn't quite enough to offset the super torchy first half. Depending on if we get some chilly inversions to end the month it is possible November ends up slightly below average down here. PDX is only +0.2 through yesterday. Would be their second below average month this year, March being the other one.
  16. The generally cool and active weather, ample frosts and freezes for most locations, and nice early season mountain snowpack would keep me from calling this fall mild overall. The first half of fall was definitely warm this year, but around mid October we saw that pattern change and it's generally been cooler than normal since then.
  17. Well yeah late September through October was one of our coldest such periods on record last year with way more frosts and freezes than normal. What you are seeing this year is probably a lot more normal for you location, seems to take an act of Congress to get you down to freezing
  18. Wow. Down to 34 at PDX while it’s 39 here. Pretty unusual for them to be colder than this location. There must be some clearing overhead there allowing for radiational cooling/ground fog. We’ve got more of a low cloud deck up here.
  19. What's a late fall/ early winter without a chilly inversion period. Doesn't seem like we really had one last year. I feel ok about this since we have already gotten some active weather under our belts. And I'm sure it will turn pretty active again later on.
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