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  1. Hate to break it to you but Springfield/Eugene’s not going anywhere. Could definitely be a bad year for smaller rural communities again though.
  2. Wrong side of the coast range Also, we should be able to talk earnestly about drought and potential fire issues in Oregon without making wildly sensationalistic statements about major cities burning to the ground. Kind of robs the discussion of credibility IMO.
  3. Looks about the same as the last four runs for Portland and the WV. There is definitely a larger coast range shadow signature showing up on this run
  4. Up to .09” on the day so far. Light rain and 50 degrees. Radar isn’t looking all that impressive yet, hopefully it fills in more later.
  5. Nah, I think he meant it. **** is PuyallupJon. Not the sharpest crayon in the fountain.
  6. It’s been one of the driest and sunniest springs in history.
  7. We were on track to score a solidly cool day with temps in the 50s and drizzle through 3pm, but some ill-timed sunbreaks pushed us to 63 late in the afternoon. Looks like no sub-60 highs for PDX this month. Rare if not virtually unheard for May.
  8. Pretty heavy drizzle right now. The gods are smiling down upon us before SATAN takes the wheel again next Saturday.
  9. Just another wasted few weeks of our already waning wet season. By the third week of June its pretty D**n rare to get any regional systems, especially these days. Granted there's a chance of rain at times this week, but the way things have gone lately I would put a lot more stock in PDX hitting 90 next Monday than picking up more than .25" in the next five days. Ridging at day eight is a lot more dependable than rainfall at day two sadly.
  10. 12z runs look downright fugly for the long weekend. The outdoors are going to be taking a lot of abuse. Search and rescue crews better prepare.
  11. I already exploited this glitch. My infinite arrows are red and point in a downward direction
  12. Den of wolves is a good way to describe this place if you like anything besides year round sun and warmth and maybe a token snow event or two
  13. Get plenty of bed rest and hot beverages and hopefully you’ll recover by tomorrow.
  14. Yours isn’t quite as clever. He even used the same name.
  15. Cloudy with a low of 49 here. 52 currently. Looks like tomorrow and Tuesday could have some needed rainfall. Let’s see if it actually happens.
  16. Low of 46 here as well. 48 currently with a thicc marine layer.
  17. Should be a total washout Memorial Day weekend... for the central BC coast.
  18. 61/43 day here. Dry but at least the high underachieved by several degrees.
  19. Inevitable flip to warmer/drier should happen in one of the next few runs.
  20. The latest member of the forum to fall victim to the horrors of seasonal first world problems disorder.
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