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  1. A good dose of garbage and disrespect too sadly. The good thing is most people only go to a handful of locations that are well advertised on social media. It's not very hard to still find remote spots if you know where to look. We are very fortunate to have millions of acres of public land in Oregon and Washington.
  2. As long as there are low clouds or negative temperature anomalies anywhere on the planet, you're just not going to see it I'm afraid. What hurts some of us hurts all of us.
  3. We are planning to head up to the Cascades tomorrow so good to know. Gonna try to find somewhere off the beaten path to enjoy the snow.
  4. 06z GFS shows a pretty classic chilly inversion pattern developing in the long range. As long as things turn more active again at some point in December (likely IMO) I’m ok with this progression for now.
  5. Nice to see PDX get down to at least 35 this morning. Low of 36 so far here. Foggy.
  6. We’ve had a good run for this early. Hopefully a favorable pattern returns in December. At least a stretch of chilly and dry weather won’t do much to melt what has already fallen.
  7. Looking like pretty good odds the Portland area ends up drier than average for November.
  8. 50/43 today with widely scattered showers. Could set a midnight low with a little clearing later.
  9. It’s funny you claim to hate the dampness of winter here then want the dampest, dankest weather possible when we get ridging. It’s ok though since I like foggy inversions too. They are tied with east winds.
  10. Kayla from Bozeman and “The Blob” from Troutdale are two frequent female posters that come to mind.
  11. How hott next summer ends up is literally the last thing I want to worry about right now.
  12. Pretty sure there were color photos in 1990. Or whatever year you are claiming your last White Christmas was.
  13. Mostly sunny and 45 this morning, after a low of 43. Ended up getting close to an inch of rain yesterday. Donned some rain gear and took a walk last night, it was wet and raw out there. Enjoyed the sound of the rain hitting the fallen leaves though.
  14. Looks like the models are converging upon the idea of the next week drying out a little, but staying relatively cool with clipper like systems brushing us every couple days. Should continue to add to the mountain snowpack and give us some cooler anomalies down here at the surface.
  15. Andrew I’m seeing some improvement in the long range 00z GFS ensemble mean
  16. Generally drier with less mountain snow on the GFS. At least from the eyes of a pleb without a stable of acronyms.
  17. Some good rainfall here this evening. Up to .75” on the day. Down to 45 degrees too. Nice to know it is dumping snow above 3,500 right now.
  18. I don’t dislike you but you can annoy me pretty bad sometimes. I’m sure the feeling is mutual.
  19. I really feel like we need a dude with bloodshot eyes giving a thumbs up react.
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