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  1. You nearly done? I swear this is going to drag on longer than the 12Z takes to load. Probably no coincidence there...
  2. Frequent healthy rain events has been one really nice aspect of this winter so far. I think it's easy to forget how dry some winters of the recent past have been, and how hard it was at points to even get one decent soaking, let alone several.
  3. Seems like you usually make a little pot stirring post like this right around the time everything is dying down. Common denominator I have done nothing this morning aside from stoically weather unrelenting personal attacks, dust off, and attempt to move on.
  4. I’m just a worthless piece of sh*t with no redeeming qualities. Good one man. Hahaha Anyone else want to take a swing? I popped on this morning because I thought the 06z looked great. Would rather talk about that.
  5. You seem to be in one of your strange moods where you are lashing out at people for no reason this morning. Probably personal problems. So I will be the bigger person and give you one for these out of place attacks. Forgiveness is an important thing I was actually agreeing with your observation that FroYo's posting style can be pretty similar to mine sometimes. I've noticed that with many of the people who take up issue with me here, yourself included
  6. He's probably good at picking people like that out on an online forum. Andrew.
  7. I understand and acknowledge that we have a lot of boxes checked in our favor right now. And there are indeed some who are unnecessarily negative here and others who are unnecessarily positive, but I think overall it’s pretty balanced. But you know as well as anyone that nothing is ever a slam dunk until the good stuff is at our doorsteps. Simply stating that fact and nodding to the inherent uncertainty that gives this stuff half of it’s fun should not be construed as being “way too negative”.
  8. It hasn’t happened yet. We’re still ten days away from anything even getting close to starting to happen. You are surprised people are skeptical about long range models and reluctant to go all in right now after how many times we have been burned (you included) over the years?
  9. In the short term looks like some heavy rain at times tomorrow through early Wednesday. 2”+ a good bet in many spots. Should also be interesting to see how warm things get with the south winds ahead of the cold front Tuesday evening. Outside chance PDX hits 60.
  10. 00z GFS was a pretty stellar run. Nice to see timing move up a little too.
  11. I imagine you wearing a monocle while saying this Andrew
  12. They both know you personally and live in far flung regions of the state from which they send you weather reports
  13. It has also snowed at my house before. And I’ve got pics to prove it.
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