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  1. Yeah but that ten day phonecast kinda sours the whole thing.
  2. Not so low key product placement. Partly to mostly cloudy with a low of 43 here. Shop Amazon.
  3. 58/40 day here. A little more shower activity than the last few days but still only .08” Now the next dry stretch begins and goes on for who knows how long.
  4. It’s mid to late May. Fire risk is obviously low in the short term even if favorable fire weather conditions were to develop. We could be in an awful spot in about 2-3 months though, assuming things stay drier than average going forward.
  5. Was partly cloudy earlier with a chilly low of 40. Now overcast and 43. Looks like today is the last chance of something measurable with this system before it starts to dry out again.
  6. Looks like the GFS is going all Juneuary on us again in the long range.
  7. Only thing mean about the showers today is that they didn’t dump any rain where it’s most needed
  8. Definitely gonna need the v*gina warmer on the ride in this morning.
  9. Clear with a somewhat impressive low of 37 this morning. Even had a touch of light frost on the roof. Weird spring. 58/44 yesterday with widely scattered showers and .05” of rain. Hoping we can score a little more in the way of activity today.
  10. A paltry .05” rainfall so far today. Looks like our dreaded Juneuary is taking shape nicely on the 12z runs.
  11. I’m sure you’ve had more than anyone’s share.
  12. Overcast and 55 here after a low of 49. There might even be a touch of drizzle in the air. Really nice day.
  13. Whatever gives us the least rain and cool temps possible will verify no matter how improbable it looks.
  14. Sounds like you guys have had a hard time keeping up with the new expected norm of temps consistently 10-15 degrees above average down that way. Stay warm and God bless.
  15. Starting to grow out of that crap has definitely played a role. But in my defense the weather has also been incredibly dead this spring. The discussion here tends to be better here when there is active weather to discuss. Otherwise it’s mostly just a sea of yard/boating pics and cicada updates lately.
  16. Do what you want. It really gets easier and easier to stay away from this place. Not a lot of great discussion to be had these days.
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