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  1. Thanks buddy. I am joking maybe 95% of the time and actually mean it rude like 5%. I do need to work on the 5%. Even the downvoting thing is often done in a somewhat tongue n cheek way. It seems to get taken pretty seriously by some though.
  2. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill right now. R-E-L-A-X
  3. I mentioned it had been near to below average. Wasn’t expecting the comment to be taken so hard though.
  4. Looks like a high of 49 here today. Frequent downpours too. Ended up a lot more active than yesterday.
  5. Some nice banding of storms stretching SW to NE across the metro now.
  6. It's been near to below average so far down here, precip wise. A wet early December would make sense.
  7. 18z GFS continues the trend of being troughier and a little more active compared to previous runs. It actually shows the pre-Thanksgiving trough. But still not as deep with it as the Euro or EPS.
  8. Some pretty heavy rain here, and 48 degrees. I see there was some lightning reported off to the NE.
  9. Looks like the EPS is in good agreement with the operational Euro for the deep, chilly trough the day before Thanksgiving. GFS isn't really showing this (at least the 12z wasn't, haven't looked at the 18z)
  10. If I decided to REALLY scour the neighborhood I could probably find a bloom or two in sheltered locations on someone's porch or under the eves. Generally though everything is dormant. It was in the mid-upper 20s here just last week.
  11. Not if we get the kind of January many are hoping for. The grass didn’t wake up at all in January 2017. Then in 2019 it was pretty much dormant well into March.
  12. Might have to look it up but I think southern Vancouver Island’s climate is marginally different than Klamath Falls, OR.
  13. Looks like you deleted the PM. Anyway there’s nothing blooming here. Nice to see you return to the forum in good form, though. I was wondering what had happened to you. I figured being sore at me was probably part of the reason.
  14. It’s been pretty chilly the last 3-4 weeks with lots of frosts and freezes. Of course that picture was taken last spring, like you told me over PM.
  15. I just got new snow tires and an alignment last week too. All ready for the pass! Too bad some people still say its summer.
  16. Nice big cell over the west metro on radar. Moving this way soon.
  17. It went from close to 60 degrees the night before to snowing an inch or two by morning here.
  18. 12z Euro already looks wetter through hour 144 than the GFS is through day 10. Better mountain snow too.
  19. Not what I meant. The wet is great. Just don’t like the warmer than average.
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