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  1. Oh admit it you are probably praying its him since he provides material for like 85% of your posts
  2. I haven't seen anything about beer or boobs yet. I know finding out a Joshaccount is good fun but it's probably a good idea to give new members the benefit of the doubt.
  3. I'm not getting the vibe it is Josh since we've already seen so many of his doppelganger accounts and they all seem to show "tells"/basically sound exactly like you would imagine Josh would while doing a crappy impersonation of someone that's not him early on. I could be wrong. I guess we will see.
  4. They've had a sub-25 high as recently as 2/6/14 if I am remembering correctly.
  5. Welcome! Great to see a Medford area poster. That region in general is really unrepresented on here.
  6. I'm sorry if I actually offended you. Sometimes you play along more so it's hard to tell. Beneath any surface disagreements you know we tight Andrew.
  7. I simply speak the truth. Sometimes it make you a hero and others it makes you a villain.
  8. I mean it seems like copying you wouldnt be to hard when youve predicted about every possible outcome at some point in the last week depending largely on what the 18Z GFS showed in the 300+ range
  9. Sounds like the only thing we are certain about this morning is uncertainty!
  10. I’ve noticed the blocks’ jaws aren’t attached to their heads either.
  11. Yeah that’s where I was thinking statistics might come in. Maybe some of bell curve-esque thing as far as the different input parameters go. Seems like that could do a decent job to account for potential error.
  12. What I’ve always wondered is how they determine what those tweaks would be/the nature of the tweaks. It must be ever changing considering the initial conditions are always different. I’m guessing it’s probably statistically guided to some degree.
  13. Could make for a nice diurnal spread if they due it before midnight.
  14. I would imagine he lost power. The forum has felt pretty low on nitrates this morning.
  15. Something tells me if this big late month pattern change pans out the jet is going to be focused to the south for a little while.
  16. Good. Yeah what the operational Euro tries to do with the energy dropping down the backside of the ridge in the 7-10 day range seems to be a pretty common error for that model in that timeframe (although sometimes it ends up being correct). Hopefully the EPS prevails.
  17. Looks like there is much less of a cutoff pattern on the 12z EPS.
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