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  1. Not true. They show the operational being a huge warm outlier for the initial pattern change around day 10. Seems the op kind of fumbled that part.
  2. I was gonna say looks mostly like a byproduct of low resolution at that range.
  3. Outside chance some spots get close to 60 today, especially if we get a mid day break in the rain.
  4. Hate to break it to you but I think Maryland is a confederate state now.
  5. Except in December 1996 the cold barely penetrated south of the U-district. That map shows it extending into California.
  6. Did you know that in Red Bluff, CA inversion season lasts from October to March and it snows gumdrops?
  7. Just looked at the 18z. Nice looking run and great to see the trend of a big pattern change continuing, long range details aside Andrew.
  8. Mean ridge position wouldn’t hurt to be a hair or two East.
  9. I’m still kinda surprised he got the boot again. Didn’t seem to take much. Maybe I’m weird but his drunken, often misguided attempts at some sort camaraderie never bothered me too much.
  10. I wonder what Culver Josh would say about this. In fact I wonder what he is doing right this very moment?
  11. I don’t know, those warm anomaly contours in Alaska aren’t shaped in quite the right way to give us a TRUE arctic blast at day 14. Might have to settle for 1,600’ snow levels in that period but it’s good to see the improvement folks!!
  12. I wouldn’t call it that. And I’m sure Timmy would agree with B.I.G.
  13. I think sharing videos has gotten a lot easier since the upgrade. Sharing pics definitely has. Glad we didn't miss it. Thinking about heading out there later this week.
  14. One short term trend I am liking on the 12Z runs is that it appears we will see a nice respite from the torch starting the middle of this week, as the jet starts to relax a bit. Temps look a lot closer to average leading up to the potential big pattern change around the 20th.
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