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  1. Came to West Virginia last week and have been here since. I’ve been lucky to have a lot of time off with Covid. It’s easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Too bad the storm wiped most of the leaves but I was able to get glimpses of it atleast! IMG_0768.MP4 IMG_0779.MP4
  2. Last day before the leaves officially fell. These were taken in Winnetka, about 3 minutes away from the home alone house. It’s so incredibly pretty there!
  3. The lack of rain here is so depressing. Rain in the fall is always the best. Hope things change soon
  4. Living for the fall weather got my first pumpkin spice latte of the year and it just hits different with these temps and cloudy/rainy skies!
  5. Also! Forgot to mention we had debris fly over our building as the storm hit! There was lawn chair seats and a tarp that flew over head. Pretty crazy! I feel for you all in Iowa you guys got hit so hard. Hope you’re all okay!! My thoughts are with all of you who have to deal with cleanups, what a nightmare trim.EC19EC68-1DF3-454F-A7F8-B44DB658E9C7.MOV
  6. My wind gauge clocked an 87 mph gust from this storm. My goal when I moved here was to hear the Chicago tornado sirens. It happened today! Woo! Also there’s a lot of damage — the tornado was reported a few blocks north of my location. Was the best storm ever. trim.CDCE58E4-6EE2-47BD-B6F8-2E3383C33F83.MOV
  7. Call me crazy, but to me this seems like a bust. That or it’s just starting much later — the HRRR has very little development. Definitely potential with all the shear in place but I don’t know. Lack of instability might be the hindering factor of all of this.
  8. I could not agree more. I just want thunderstorms and 70s for temps. I love waking up to subtle rumbles of thunder and rain on my window. The snow this year has been so tedious im just over all of winter and am beyond ready for warmth!
  9. I’ve been in Austin Texas all month and seeing you guys in the negatives makes me not want to come back lmao. Sounds brutal. It stormed here the other morning and it just makes me want it to be spring and summer already!
  10. LOT is saying only 1-2” for Chicago. I see all these maps and am v confused. Is the warm air going to ruin things over here?
  11. I’m so hungover. That storm was cool for like 2 hours but it wasn’t really anything to brag about, by any means. I know it’s January, but I’m going to be in Houston Texas for all of February, so I hope I can snag some severe wx while I’m down there and hopefully come back to Chicago and all of you guys under a foot of snow! I think we all deserve it this year
  12. Getting ready for a bachelorette party, could not think of a worse night to be dressed up lmao I love it though This LES is pretty awesome!
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