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  1. I’m back in Chicago for awhile and oof, the drought is depressing. I can’t believe the lack of severe weather here, let alone precipitation in general! Hope you’re right Tom. June is usually the best month in Chicago, hopefully we can get something
  2. Official snow total at my apartment was 18.4” (from a friend who measured on her outdoor patio table). My street in particular was under the heaviest band what a crazy year!!
  3. This is from a side street by my apartment (there’s a car under there lmao). I’m roughly in between the reports of 14”-18” so I’d say somewhere in there since I’m right on the lake!
  4. My friend sent me this from Wilmette, Illinois. Visibility less than a block for over an hour FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Also omg talk about a bullseye lol! The arrow in this graphic literally points to my exact location almost. My area is going to have so much snow otg it’s actually hard for me to even imagine what I’ll be walking into when I get back
  6. I usually do! Haha but I’m actually in Miami right now, where it’s 80 degrees at 7pm. I hope the snow sticks around til I’m gone, I have a feeling the lake effect will pummel my area (Edgewater/Evanston, less than 1/4 mile inland from the lake).
  7. Anybody guess where we went to see the fluffy flakes last night? IMG_3518.MP4
  8. I’m throwing out a guess but we were easily one of the hardest hit here just north of the city, I’d say with the total of 9.5” early this morning we’re definitely somewhere around 12”. Such an awesome storm! Here’s another couple pics from my neighborhood
  9. There is SO much snow right now! I was supposedly bullseyed both storms. I’m pretty tall (5’9”) and the snow on the sidewalks is almost up to my hips, pics for reference! (Ignore my super awkward pose lmao) IMG_3242.MP4
  10. Yep!! I’ll go out and take pictures soon
  11. Snowing really hard here in the city! Super low visibility and the wind has picked up. The radar looks awesome too!!!
  12. Omg that’s where I’m going! It’s just outside of Raleigh, it’s called Morrisville
  13. Thundersnow sounds awesome! I’m moving to North Carolina in a week, and this would be the best way to close out my past few years in Chicago
  14. This will be insane on top of the 8” I got 2 days ago! Hope the models continue with this trend
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