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  1. Have you written to your governor? That could be a great starting point
  2. Lord please give peace to those who judge on Earth. Open their eyes to your endless love! Amen!
  3. Heavenly father I just pray for those who have hateful words I pray that you bless them and show them your abundance of love amen!
  4. I see that some people are blind still but God Bless!
  5. Which news source? my in laws live in Des Moines and they haven’t seen anything
  6. Proof that summer is right around the corner!!
  7. The gfs has sucked around here the past couple of storms so we shall see.
  8. What falls now is just needed Moisture because it’s only gonna stick around for a day or two
  9. Just a little over 6 here. Snow day for kids also
  10. But the gfs is on its own so I wouldn’t ride or die with it
  11. I better dust off the leaf blower
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