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  1. Not really sure why I'm being tagged in a response to such a pessimistic post. Perhaps change my username to DrySnow and I will change your fortunes down south.
  2. We are like snowflakes in the PNW. We have various structures and identities but we always melt when the southerlies arrive and eventually become one with the ocean....
  3. I knew winter was over when I saw some of you spit out 1950 and 1969. Thinking too epic pisses off the weather gods.
  4. So are we cancelling winter or is Mr Snow and Mr Cold going to just be social distancing from the PNW a bit longer?
  5. Lots of variation from breezy to windy with heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, and mist. This could saturate my lawn and bring me some waterfront property.
  6. Can someone tell me where it went wrong? We were looking at cold with snow.
  7. Oh **** that. Sell what we can, ride pine the rest of the year and maybe look at relocation by the next offseason.
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