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  1. Where are you going to be camping?? It can definitely start getting pretty "dicey" here by then.
  2. Snow in the mountains, frost on the ground and a Harvest Moon. Ahhh Fall. Currently 29 degrees.
  3. I would LOVE to see that verify! Unfortunately the GFS is out on its own with digging that trough much deeper. With that said it has been consistent so you never know!
  4. That's horrible. I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending lots of love to you and your fiancee.
  5. Hey now, lets not be dramatic! Wintertime is full of life and beauty throughout even in the coldest and darkest of days.
  6. I said the week of the 13th, not the 11th Looks like the CPC agrees with my same thought.
  7. Some nice Aleutian ridging popping up at day 9 and 10 which is along the same lines of the GFS. First chilly and moist airmass of the season incoming the week of the 13th??
  8. Yeah, the signage there is definitely not correct. US route 89 actually runs all the way up here and to the Canadian border.
  9. 9/8 here as well here with 1". Which reminds me, time to start up a new spreadsheet for the 2021-22 season!
  10. The fire fighters did an amazing job with structure protection yesterday when the fire actually jumped 89 while keeping it mostly out of the basin. They definitely caught a bit of a break with the winds more from the southwest vs the south but either way just an incredible job.
  11. So much for that goal!! Wasn't even close in the end.
  12. Looks like all of south and west shore Tahoe is now under mandatory evacuations. Thinking about you AITahoe and that you and your family get out safely!
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