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  1. It was very much tongue in cheek. If you read through the last couple of pages you’d see why!
  2. Spokane was indeed looking lovely, very lush and much less windy! Actually headed to Bend (going to snow in Bozeman again on Fri/Sat) for the weekend for a bit of a sunny vaca! Which I also found entertaining cause Bend seems to be the hot goss for today as well!
  3. All this talk about eastern WA, I just HAD to take a look for myself. Can confirm, it’s ugly. Dry as a sandbox with blowing dust everywhere. Sorry Tim!
  4. Thanks and I'm happy to share! Just like anything, the blue/green hail core is even more brilliant in person! It's also fun to hear the outflow winds move in so instantly with these big storms. From silence, to the distant but building sound of a freight train and then suddenly the full force of the outflow hits. It's all so surreal and beautiful when it doesn't cause any damage!
  5. One last shot as the storm approached earlier this evening. It was a pretty one with good structure. Always fun to see the inflow along with the hail circulation within the updrafts! 0.90" on the day and 3.24" on the month. Things are beginning to look lush again!
  6. All good here. Only ended up with dime size and one real close strike. IMG_0402.mov
  7. First severe warned storm of the season about to hit here! Looks to be packing some big hail...
  8. I don’t really see any issues with you or anyone. We’re all just discussing and reacting about weather. Life is way too short to get worked up over something we have no control over. We’re human and we all have our own preferences. As long as nothing gets personal all is good!
  9. I've always thought that the April/May record rainfall records for the PNW were all pretty low hanging fruit. Record May rainfall in Bozeman is an astonishing 9.54". We're up to 2.66" on the month as of yesterday so at this point we're not even looking at a top ten wettest. We do have measurable precip on 12 out of the first 16 days this month though.
  10. That's incredible. Going to easily surpass 10" on the month.
  11. I'm really sorry to hear this Tim. I've been there and it sucks. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way.
  12. Sorry you had to suffer so much so the rest of the NW can get some drought relief this Spring.
  13. Just giving you a hard time! Got my 12 mile run in early this morning and now at work, grounded and feeling punchy!
  14. The last two weeks have been very wet just about everywhere in the NW minus the hi-line. That still doesn't mean its winter, Tim!
  15. Yeah yesterday was lovely, today not so much!
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