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  1. This feels like a south WV special to me. Very 2019 esque trajectory.
  2. This would rewrite the record books for late February cold here. Only event that comes remotely close is 1962 and of course 2019. 1962 is the best match though. Those years never saw consecutive days with highs below zero either. Incredible stuff. In terms of snowfall this event looks to compare to 2019 best. With that said, another 2-3ft of snow on already a 3ft snow base would be unheard of for here.
  3. Poor dig. Why are we so obsessed with binary things?? Music is music.
  4. Yeah, the west as a whole has already seen two Arctic blasts this season. You've had one solid one and you were brushed by the late January one.
  5. The Euro is beautiful! Hard to imagine the region getting hit with the third Arctic blast of the season but it's looking more and more likely. What a season for the West!
  6. Picked up 10" so far with this storm. Still snowing heavily and 24F. Back up to about a 3ft base. It's been quite the season. We've had over a foot of snow on the ground since early November with the brunt of the winter well over 2ft on the ground. Will likely have to wait until April to see our grass this year.
  7. I haven't been following the models all that closely but the upper levels look good to me for 0.5-1" in that 6-8am time. Probably safe to go to bed early tonight and plan on a 4-5am wakeup!
  8. Makes a difference though. 1991-2020 climate norms vs 2003-2022 norms. Just something to keep in mind I suppose.
  9. With already way too much overwater trajectory. That's just not going to get the job done below 1000' in late Feb.
  10. I just realized that those weathermodels maps are based off a 20 year mean. That's kind of making the anomalies look deceivingly great.
  11. Right direction if you like 1000' snow levels (which I know you do!)
  12. Under a Winter Storm Warning here for 8-12" of snowfall tonight through tomorrow morning. Nice to see February coming through again. Bozeman is currently sitting with 82.9" of snowfall for the Oct-Feb period and we should move into the 3rd snowiest on record for the period by tomorrow. Even with the more active pattern upcoming, I don't think we'll quite catch the record of 109" set in 2017-18. That was quite the season for my first winter here!
  13. I90 has been closed since yesterday morning from just past Bozeman to Big Timber because of all that fun!
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