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  1. Troughs keep digging too far offshore kicking a ridge right over us. Can't complain too much though, it is a good thunderstorm pattern and has already produced some solid rainfall totals this month with more to come this week.
  2. Yeah quite the extreme this year from record breaking cold/snow and now the heat.
  3. 81/47 for the day here today. Hottest temp of the year. Record breaking heat is likely tomorrow when we'll likely reach the upper 80's and possibly 90 at BZN. Severe storms threat for Friday.
  4. We could really use the moisture and I'll take it in any shape or form!
  5. Yeah we'll see. 12z Canadian is onboard for the troughier/faster solution as well.
  6. 12z shows a very chilly airmass for the second week of June. Warmup followed by a cool down!?
  7. Very cool. Super jells of Great Falls, wish we had radar coverage here as well. Hopefully someday in the near future with our population boom.
  8. Made it above freezing (barely) today after being below freezing for over 40 hours straight. 34/23 on the day and the snow is still on the trees. More record low highs and record lows set on the day. Truly remarkable for late May. Looks like maybe some more snow tonight before hopefully finally warming up into the 40's tomorrow with rain.
  9. The 32 degree high did indeed hold up at BZN. Breaks today's record low high by a whopping 13 degrees and will now go into the books as the latest freezing high on record (records go back to 1935). @BLI snowman Mark another historically cold airmass up!
  10. Still snowing here and 29 degrees as we approach 3pm...on May 21st. Just starting to realize the historical nature of this airmass. Latest high at or below freezing was set on May 1st 1954 at BZN and May 12th 1953 at Bozeman MSU. Airport is currently sitting right at 32F as is MSU. Would be really incredible to break that record by three weeks!
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