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  1. Pretty nice looking Arctic air precursor pattern setting up on the long range 12z GFS.
  2. I would say that's crazy but that's the PNW lowlands for ya! That white stuff is scary!
  3. Back in Bozeman! Lot more snow here than in Northern Sweden. Picked up 6" of snowfall here last night. Snowpack is already very deep for this time of year. About 20" on the ground now with more snowfall on the way Sunday night and Monday. Currently 15F.
  4. It's not correct, that's just through October. I've been traveling so I haven't had a chance to update things this month but it's a good reminder!
  5. EPS control is even further west. Still plenty of time for things to trend even more favorably.
  6. Looks like I ended November with an average temp of 21.8F. By far my coldest on record over the past 5 years. Bozeman MSU ended up 23.8F good enough for a -8.5F departure and 4th coldest November on record. They also averaged 5.3" of snow depth throughout the month which was the 5th highest snow depth average on record for November. Records go back to 1892 so pretty impressive stuff! Winter came especially early this year.
  7. Someone in NA is going to get extremely cold with that much Greenland blocking.
  8. Pretty classic Arctic air pattern being shown there. Very February 2019 like.
  9. The good news is that the SE ridge looks to maintain for the foreseeable future. I actually really like the look of the EPS late in the run. Plenty of high latitude blocking. Lots of potential there.
  10. I'm looking and it's really not that cold. Troughs are digging too far offshore and the block isn't holding.
  11. While things are by no means settled (GEM!) the general trend does seem to want to weaken the block which isn't great. Also, there seems to be a theme thus far this season to dig troughs too far offshore. Lots of frigid air just getting dumped right over the ocean which I don't love. 00z EPS control shows a similar solution as the operational.
  12. While keeping in mind the resolution on the ensembles is very low so terrain bled can and will be overdone.
  13. Unfortunate that it's actually a really good run? Or unfortunate that you don't believe it??
  14. It is beautiful but I'm not sure I could handle the lack of daylight and sunlight all winter. I'm here for work/training.
  15. 498 line drops down into Montana on this run. Would be some very chilly outflow winds with that for you guys!
  16. There are a lot more deciduous trees in Maine or NH though. Sweden is mostly Tiaga forest and the northern parts definitely have a very tundra like feel with a lot of rocky soil and short shrubs.
  17. I'm here in Sweden this week where it is cold, dark, snowy and windy but beautiful! This shot was taken around 2pm yesterday.
  18. The late November period reminds me of the early November shot. Little bit too much over water trajectory and not a ton of cold air to work with. Still some lowland snow opportunities but not a region wide event. I think the early December period is the one to watch as the NAPC block continues to hold and build which allows the cold air source to really expand and eventually allows the Arctic air to seep southward in a more continental direction. At least that's how I see it unfolding at this point.
  19. You should probably have that looked at...Bend is only ~3,500ft!
  20. It’s not so bad Tim, you’d love it! Only dropped down to -16F at BZN this morning!
  21. Dropped down to -7F here this morning. Currently -5F. Looks like BZN dropped down to at least -15F which shatters the record low for the date of -4F set back in 1958.
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