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  1. Another absolutely gorgeous day here with a high of 80F and a low of 44F. Still have yet to exceed 85F this summer. Just summer perfection thus far this year. Looks to be some pretty widespread showers and thunderstorms Sunday and Monday which will hopefully continue to keep things lush and green and the fire season at bay.
  2. Considering the height anomaly it actually doesn't look to get all that hot here. We run 8-10F degrees cooler than the airport as well so it's not going to be anything close to record breaking at least up here.
  3. I mean, maybe a few showers but I'm willing to bet that it still doesn't amount to much. Maybe ~0.1-0.25" of rainfall over the next week unless you find yourself under a brief convective downpour. A whole lot of complaining over a tenth of inch of rain that you have no control over but to each their own!
  4. Yeah we ended up about a month behind schedule here but things have really taken off now. The new growth on the trees this year is the most I’ve seen. Pollen is also incredibly bad this year but I’m not complaining!
  5. Couple of severe warned storms with 75+mph winds narrowly missed me this evening which is just fine by me! Still put on quite the show. Still a decent amount of snow in the mountains as well! And to think the first snow up there usually arrives again in just a short 6-7 weeks!
  6. Don't look at the Canadian ensemble... I don't think I'll be spared out here but hopefully you guys can at least keep some more SW flow. Fingers crossed it's short lived.
  7. CPC has us under a slight risk for severe storms out this way today. CAPE is kind of meh though so not expecting anything too exciting. Lots of talk about July 4th but I feel like what we should really be focused on is what happens just after the 4th. Possible 600dm heat dome expanding and retrograding from the upper plains. Could be a brutal stretch upcoming.
  8. North Bend also looks pretty nice after tomorrow!
  9. Wouldn't mind seeing a bit more rain so we don't have to water and prevent any fires but yeah, we've entered the perfection time of year.
  10. 62F/34F day here yesterday and 36F this morning. 71F currently. Pretty perfect summer weather for the foreseeable future here.
  11. I've been better. The weather is nice though. 34F this morning and 59F currently with not a cloud in the sky.
  12. Of course, I had to look at the climate stats for there. Does look really nice. Surprised to see average snowfall only at 70" with 32" of yearly precip though. Highs are similar compared to Bozeman but of course our nighttime temps are a lot colder here. Quite a bit drier here yet a lot snowier. Also, I brought this up a while ago, but it's funny to see it on Wiki now. "Unlike most of the country, Bozeman has actually gotten cooler with the new 1991-2020 normals. Average highs dropped by 1.3°F (0.72°C), especially in spring and summer. It has also gotten wetter and snowier."
  13. Good lord...don't you have 80's and 90's coming up this weekend?! Enjoy it and be present! It's going to be in the 60's here this weekend which not surprisingly still feels like summer!
  14. Yeah the extreme side definitely favors more Fall like weather in September. I'll never forget September 2019 out here. Had a 30/24 day with heavy snow on the 29th and then of course October...If only we could have seen that pattern in Dec/Jan.
  15. I agree to a certain extent. PDX average monthly temp is slightly higher in Sept vs June and the monthly mean high is a couple of degrees warmer as well. There have been many years where "summer" just kept on trucking right on through September.
  16. So the daylight hours are not very big on perception then, got it!
  17. So if it's 80-90 degrees in mid to late September you enjoy it less? September always felt and was a summer month to me in Portland. Obviously not out here now though. It's very fall like here by early to mid September.
  18. You and your perceptions, so picky! Just like when it rains there in the spring/summer/fall it feels like winter right!?
  19. Yep. Just proves once again that September is way more of a summer month than June out there. Even the first half of October.
  20. I sure hope we don't have a repeat of 1988. I don't think Yellowstone can handle a 500 year flood AND devastating fires within 2 months of each other. Thankfully this month has played out much differently than June 1988 out here so hopefully we continue that trend throughout.
  21. I can still get on board with this cause...still no massive 4CH! What are your thoughts on the very early monsoon season starting up? Seems unusual for a La Niña.
  22. Had a few sun breaks this afternoon and our blooming Lilacs loved it!
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