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  1. Pretty darn impressive jet suppression for late October!
  2. Why? Mid November has historically produced some really impressive cold airmasses in the NW when it's dislodged south.
  3. Yeah should be below average for the month now out here after today. Last four days with -15F to -20F departures makes for quick work!
  4. That was an incredible stretch of February snowfall, wow. So 24" in 24 hours, not 36". Sounds more realistic yet still very impressive.
  5. That's pretty insane. For some reason my memory was that it lasted a bit longer than that but it's been harder to keep track of events since I moved out here.
  6. @TT-SEA Did you really get 36" of snow in 24 hours in Feb 2019? I thought that was over a couple of days?
  7. Second consecutive day staying below freezing here. I'd like to say that it feels like winter but October cold seems to be the new norm out this way over the last couple of years.
  8. 16" in 24 hours is a big storm for anytime of the year here honestly!
  9. Storm is starting to move out of here. 24hr snow total of 16". Lots of 3-4ft drifts around...what month is it again?? Currently 26 degrees with a windchill in the teens.
  10. Latest Euro weeklies show that a ridgy period is indeed coming to the west for the last third of this month through the first half of November. Setting us up perfectly for a December to remember...
  11. Woke up to 7" of snow already this morning. This storm is only just getting going with moderate to heavy snowfall expected through tomorrow morning. Trees are not happy.
  12. First major winter storm knocking on the doorstep! Expecting 8-14" of snowfall here.
  13. Nice! Yeah the sun just came out this afternoon after 3 days of rain and raw temps so just about perfect timing for the game. Tomorrow looks beautiful here as well before the winter storm moves in tomorrow night.
  14. Would love to see this pattern lock in for the winter…I just don’t see that happening though. Fall wavelengths look a whole lot different during the winter. I think at the very least we’ll see a ridgy period for the last third of this month through mid November but still believe a December to remember is coming.
  15. Cool! Still planning on camping?? Southern Montana into Wyoming looks to be ground zero for Monday/Tuesday. Expecting 8-12” of snowfall here.
  16. They average about 42" of yearly snowfall so yeah that shows more than half their yearly snowfall. Very unlikely to verify verbatim but you get the idea for the potential with this storm. Big October snows are somewhat common in Montana, just last year Helena saw 25" of snowfall during the month of October.
  17. 06z GFS was plentiful for out here. Not a big fan of early season cold/snow as you all know but we could REALLY use the moisture.
  18. Yeah the whole northern plains and Midwest region is torching right now so someone is playing some tricks! Near 80 here today!
  19. Just got the iPhone 13 Pro myself. Photo/video quality is pretty impressive!
  20. Montana teams are kind of crushing it this year! We went to a couple of snow games our first couple of years here. It is always a fun atmosphere but the energy in a snow game brings it up to another level! Mid to late October is normally when we see our first significant snows so this year looks to be right on track. As long as we don't see below zero weather again this month then I'm okay with it!
  21. @SilverFallsAndrew When are you headed to Montana to camp again? Early next week is looking increasingly snowy/cold...
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