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  1. I’d prefer the website that provides this specific type of map.
  2. Someone please for the love of La Nina post the best Sea Surface Temperature maps!
  3. Looking to restart up the topic of SST’s, with focus on PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation) and ENSO. I’ve been out of touch for several years and all my links to certain maps and websites don’t work anymore. Hoping to get some help!
  4. 18z is going to crush the north sound Sunday night and monday..... PLEASE
  5. RGEM takes basically all snow away up here through Sunday. Suspect.
  6. 20*f here in north bellingham just north and east of Slater Road, NE Winds gusting to 40 right now. reports of half inch of snow on the ground east of town near Lake Whatcom with light snow still falling. alts are pumping with btc too.
  7. Can someone post that temp chart for bham please?
  8. Bellingham will be the overall winner with this overall event. Come through late. Book it.
  9. Wait you’re saying they didn’t have more than 8” in 24 hours in December 1996?
  10. Seems that people are ignoring the fact that it’ll be in the 40s and raining early next week, and our extended cold is outta sight. Spring is just around the corner.... whaaaat? Someone had to do it!!!
  11. The month of February will be dominated by Cold NE flow coming out of the Fraser. I can see Whatcom County being near or below freezing for the better part of 2 weeks.
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