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  1. The 0z GFS showed over a foot of snow for coastal Georgia and South Carolina week 2…. That would be absolutely insane.
  2. Bellingham 36 with a DP of 33 and light snow falling at the airport. South wind gusting to 30. Normally when the S wind really kicks in in these scenarios they jump into the mid 40s quickly. They’ve stayed pretty steady all evening.
  3. Does anyone live in Black Diamond? Curious how that area does for snow….
  4. Anyone heard from TheNewBigMack aka Bryant? His last post was over a year ago.
  5. It has been 60*F on three separate days since Christmas... In Bellingham. That's gotta be some kind of a record.
  6. End of the GFS gives 9" to Whatcom County... Ok I'm back.
  7. I’m quitting the NFL after that call on the fumble 6. Refs Ruining history
  8. You got buried the day after. The initial low had a change over in Skagit. Snow level was like 200 feet. 4” in downtown Bellingham, 14” in Sudden Valley, 24” above 300 feet along the whatcom skagit line.
  9. You are right. Definite improvement in terms of the blocking in Alaska, at least initially. I'm only out to Tuesday on Tidbits.
  10. Yeah.. 2012 line was pretty much Skagit County. Need a 50 mile shift south for a rerun.. 150 miles would make a lot of people happy.
  11. 12z GFS overall a dud. Shift the initial system south 150 miles. ONE TIME.
  12. Block not pinching off as much. This could be better for the period leading up til Christmas... Frick I have no idea lol... Rain for even Whatcom County with the initial event with this though, which sucks. SW BC buried.
  13. Seems to me like the GFS is starting to lock onto a solution for the Monday-Wednesday period... It's definitely not a region wide outbreak. There is going to be a battlezone between rain and snow, and it will probably be somewhere between the northern 1/4 of WA and Southern BC. Could be January 2011 all over again, or January 2012... Or December 1996. We're talking about a couple hundred miles making the difference between a once in a 25 year event or an average snow to rain event.
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