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  1. Yeah. In inman. My allergies are awful in SC though. Fled to South Florida for relief. Didn’t foresee a hurricane being an issue lol. This is our third year in a row going and haven’t hardly encountered a thunderstorm!
  2. Hey guys. Need a favor. My family is staying in Fort Myers Florida for a month starting tomorrow. Just looking at the extended forecast it looks like a major hurricane is set to give us a direct hit in about 9 days. I won’t have my computer, and was initially going to get away from the internet for awhile. Feeling a bit unsettled about this. If anyone wants to track this thing and send me updates via text message it would be greatly appreciated. If you’d like to, send me a PM and i’ll shoot my phone number over. Thanks guys! brennan
  3. Been in the forums for almost 15 years… just moved from Bellingham Washington to Inman South Carolina. 25*f. Freezing cold. I’m assuming this is unusual for this time of year here.
  4. this girl lives somewhere in either the Wenatchee or okanogan valley. Pretty awesome snow footage.
  5. Moving to SC early Feb…. Looks like we may be pushing the move back a week i won’t miss a snow event here. I refuse. NEVER.
  6. Imagine if this low came in near the Columbia…
  7. Incredible shots from Leavenworth today. Snowmizer, what kept your area up there from getting much snow today?
  8. Precip sagging south. Nothing falling here now. 25*. Night night.
  9. ^ good shots! Wild that it’s whipping around like that even in south bellingham. Impossible to measure here with the drifting going on. Gonna wakeup at 5 and go out. Early morning flights are cancelled at BLI
  10. Pretty epic stuff. It’s roaring down here now. 24*f.
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