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  1. You should do the same. You caused a tremendous amount of trouble today with your filthy lies. You don't even have common decency to apologize. Even if you did; I would tell you to take your apology and shovel it.
  2. And my mother dropped dead last week and not one person even said "sorry for your loss" when I made a since deleted short post on it.
  3. Many people are decent. Its the few nasty ones that make the trouble and the "drama". It was the Snowlover 76 who started all the problems with his venomous slander. I never bothered him.
  4. There's a He and His Ex-Wife...and they Hate each other's guts. He's Jehovah, She's Asherah (and many, many other names) I think we've been through this.
  5. If there is a Goddess Upstairs; I hope she pays the cruel people of this world back.
  6. I'm not dragging anything out and I don't have any "gender identity". You saw the birth certificate said "female" and that is the end of this story. I am absolutely shaking right now from what has happened here.
  7. My snowfall chart that I update every few weeks and post here shows that; on the whole; most cities are at normal snowfall on the season or a little below. All the Wisconsin towns are badly below; as are the Kansas and SE Nebraska towns. Most of the rest of Nebraska hasn't done badly. Minnesota is not doing too badly; Iowa was a little below average; but that doesn't factor in this current storm. Chicago was near average; the rest of the state well below. Michigan is below average; except for down around Detroit and some other parts of the LP. North Dakota and South Dakota have work
  8. As a general rule; there is an 11 (eleven) year lag between demonstrable sunspot activity (be it active or diminished) and any actual thermodynamic impact here on the surface of the earth.
  9. The NWS WFO in Rapid City has a mean April snowfall of 9.0 inches; while up at Lead the mean for April is 23.2 inches...so I do believe that additional snow is forthcoming before the winter reaches its denouement!
  10. NYC proper definitely got an excellent snowstorm yesterday; around 9 to 11 inches in the city proper. But LI still outdid them (and everyone)...though this was not a case of NYC doing badly; but rather the Island getting under some amazing snow bands (4 to 5 inches per hour). A good arctic anticyclone to the north is always a necessity; as even polar air will not cut it...especially on the first day of spring.
  11. Harrison now with 67.0 inches; and of course they should continue to improve that number well into the spring...
  12. One thing the GFS is useful for is temperature trends; it sometimes overdoes arctic outbreaks; but overall it is fairly good at temperature trends in the mid range.
  13. Now the 18z American Global model just printed out 2 to 3.5 inches liquid equivalent in my vicinity over the next 16 days; and actually had a blizzard just getting organized at hour 384...the end of the run. I usually give little credence to the GFS; but its not entirely useless; it is able to discern between very wet and very dry patterns; so odds are there should be some moisture moving through the area over the next two weeks. It also has some support from some of the mid range charts.
  14. That doubling of the money or; more precisely...picking up 32 inches of snow between the time that quoted post was made and the end of March is going to be quite the long shot. So far I've measured 10.1" new snow since the rather ambitious forecast was issued; so there is quite a ways to go. The next chance of significant snow out here should be towards late Sunday night as the modeling looks a bit better each run; though the ECMWF advertises a non event...and being the best mid range model; it is to be given great consideration. Yesterday much of New England thought they would see a big
  15. That is the obelisk @ High Point / elevation 1803'...highest point in New Jersey at the very top of Sussex County and the state itself. It is in High Point State Park and I have been up there many times. Beautiful area and probably the coldest and snowiest spot in the entire state.
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