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  1. Finally getting around to commenting about this...I was not familiar with the AMO or it's possible causes, but remembered the winters of 65-85 as being definitely colder and snowier. The one thing I do remember is they did seem to suddenly stop after 1985, just like that. After 1985 the winters were noticeably warmer and less snowy here. That's part of why I have had trouble with the idea of man-made global warming because of how quickly this changed around 1985. Something else...overall we have had less severe weather in the spring here that started at the same time. I assume one reason
  2. For once we did get a true arctic cold spell this year so maybe snowier winters are around the corner!
  3. No snow and only 0.18" of rain at my house, so not much happened here.
  4. Regarding the upcoming snow possibility...it seems the lower level temp profiles might be better towards the KC area than in MBY to the west. I really don't have a good guess to be honest...though I lean towards mostly rain mixed with some snow at times for here.
  5. Wow...45% tornado probabilities in a small part of MS/AL. Don't see that too often. PDS watch out for that area.
  6. It might be fun to have one last hurrah, but I've pretty much been in full spring time mode last couple of weeks. Things are greening up nicely with the recent rains. Still, only need 5.4" of snow to reach the seasonal average so there's that.
  7. This happens pretty much every year here. Once winter and the cold air is gone, we get these wet storms with perfect tracks March into April. Just the final middle fingers from mother nature as we move into spring and summer.
  8. Topeka fun facts about the cold snap...more cold than snow... 13 days below 32F. (2/6-2/18) Record 10 consecutive days <=15F. (2/7-2/16; old record 8 in Dec 1983) 4.1" of snow during the 13 days below 32F. 1.7" on the snowiest day. (2/14) Still below average snowfall for the season: 12.4": -2.5 (14.9") as of 2/19. -5.4 (17.8") for season.
  9. Japan had a least a couple of rare monster snowstorms in Dec and Jan. Here are some excerpts from a WaPo story with the link below. I assume this is related to that record low pressure system that moved into the Bering Sea around that time as implied in the article. Interesting extreme weather events whether natural or man-made causes. Extreme ocean-effect snow buries parts of Japan beneath seven feet, with more coming The nation was sandwiched in between record-breaking weather systems. By Matthew Cappucci
  10. Interesting. Whether he is right or not, he sure is taking the opposite position of the man-made climate change advocates.
  11. I was thinking around Mar 2 and maybe around Mar 13/14 we might have a chance. But I wouldn't be surprised if this was our last hurrah for this year.
  12. We picked up close to an inch overnight, but this morning we have a very pretty light gentle snow falling. It's the kind that would be perfect falling on Christmas Day and everything looks fresh and white.
  13. I think so, but I didn't go back and check either. I do believe Japan had a freak snowstorm that dumped a huge rare amount of snow for them sometime before our cold outbreak.
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