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  1. This been going on forever... never gonna happen. Now back to weather in the weather thread.
  2. So I'm a huge Tiger fan and it's sad to see he has more setbacks with his back. Wonder if he should just hang it up for a better life pain free.
  3. Yeah... not even close to what the GFS was showing with the ridge.
  4. Maybe, but it looks less amplified than last night's 0z run. Also a step back with the ridge merger.
  5. You know the question was gonna be asked by someone... I just wanna get ahead of it. Lol.
  6. Phil! We are now about 3 weeks in after SSW. What's happening? Asking for a friend.
  7. Interesting that you can still access if you have it bookmarked. But it's no longer there on the drop down menu.
  8. Where is Jim? We need him here to tell us everything will be okay.
  9. Eugene about to get smack again and so is Medford. Looking good for TWL and MWG.
  10. Wonderful view and wonderful dog! Take good care of him/her. My little pom just had emergency surgery (quite costly too) on Sunday night for pyometra but she's home now resting!
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