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  1. PSCZ that stuck around for good part of the evening is starting to fizzle, just cold drizzle now. Ended up with 0.11” of precip. Chilly day!
  2. Guys...I’m not ready yet. My portable AC is still attached to the window!
  3. Stuck in this PSCZ for quite a while. For like 6-7 hours now with almost 0.10” of precip. And you know what’s funny? It rarely sag this far south when I wanted it to in a snow pattern. Haha.
  4. Yes, October cold isn’t any indication of anything. However, last year wasn’t a Nina so we’ll have to see how things plays out.
  5. Eh? No it's not. Average for the month is 61.4F To date as of Sept. 20 SEA is at 66.9F. Getting my data directly from the NWS Forecast Office for SEA.
  6. Jesus christ dude. It was a harmless comment. Triggered much?? Lol
  7. I agree. Not particularly happy about it. Tim might be, in fact, think a couple days of AR straight back into the warm is what he would prefers.
  8. If models are right, looks pretty D**n warm to close out the month into October. To date, month is already running a good +6F for SEA. This is also typically the time of year where we see a sharp drop in average highs, where it goes from avg (high) of 70 to mid 60s in just a matter of a week. But it look like we’re gonna be dealing with a warm spell.
  9. You’re exactly right! So I’ve actually stopped smoking this past week due to the poor air quality... it was triggering my asthma real bad and it wasn’t pleasant at all! May make it a permanent thing.
  10. It’s D**n good to breathe in the fresh air once again. Let’s also commence the annual “falling off the cliff” into fall and winter.
  11. Relief from the smoke appears to be on the horizon as we shift from purple to red here for the AQI. This is the first time in days that we go below purple.
  12. Look like the sun had began a new solar cycle back in December 2019. During this cycle, the sun is expected to transition from calm to intense/active over the next decade. The sun’s activity is expected to peak (solar maximum) July 2025 according to predictions.
  13. A lot better compared to yesterday at this time but it actually bad compared to this afternoon. The smoke rolling back in.
  14. Wow, got some improvements today as there were patches of blue skies and brief sunshine but now the smoke and cloud rolled back in.
  15. Getting some moderate showers moving through about half hour ago around midnight. Much needed!
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