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  1. Quite warm out. Looks like some precip manage to get over this side of the mountains and heading north. Currently drizzling. Gonna see next few hours if this amount to anything to end the dry streak at SEA or it just fizzle out.
  2. This was anticipated when they announced last October that many of the current ECMWF data and charts will become public for free. You gotta know an upgraded version is on the way. If this is an indication on how accurate the parallel version is, subscribing to it will be worth it when it becomes available this fall.
  3. Wow. Euro spits out a 66F for SEA next Saturday by 5PM. That's basically the high for that day. Would LOVE for this run to verify. Decent amount of moisture and cool temps. Note that it's still raining at the end of the run. Still 10 days out though.
  4. July 29th is 90 Degrees Day for Seattle. Also next 10 days looks to be above average for SEA heading into the first week of August.
  5. And just like that... precip is gone from the 0z run through hour 240. Want some rain? Maybe head to the coast, but that's in the clown range.
  6. Not sure why he thought this was a good idea. Sad and tragic. Hikers are urged to hike only before 10am, but article says he most likely started his hike when it was 118F with 91% humidity. https://www.fresnobee.com/news/california/article253131128.html
  7. Feels nice out with the breeze! Down to 77. Loving the fast crash.
  8. I like that it’s cooling down quickly though, at least for here. Down to 83.
  9. BFI was right on as forecast... topped out at 88F. 89F at home. SEA just want to play catch up.
  10. Cold bias. Pretty sure the GFS does better with this or at least NBM. They called for a high of 88, still way 3 degrees warmer.
  11. I don’t know about y’all but for me, it’s so weird that after the stupid heat last month 90F actually don’t feel that bad. It’s still hot! But that D**n heatwave really have a long lasting impression. Usually a 90F would be highly uncomfortable.
  12. Look like SEA may have hit 90 right before 3pm but will have to wait for official words. Believe this this the 4th of the summer.
  13. 83F at 1pm. 8 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. Flirting with 90 today.
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