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  1. Brush fire in Auburn this evening but firefighters and a copter was able to put out the flames. Obvious reminder that fire season is just around the corner.
  2. Are you able to share recipe for the chicken? It looks absolute perfection.
  3. It’s mid April and I just put up the AC! I’ll most likely take it back down next week but I know it’s gonna be too D**n warm inside tonight. Other than that, it’s just another spectacular day to be outside. Can’t beat this place.
  4. Straight up summer-like day for mid-April. Having the winds whipping around doesn't help with the allergies either.
  5. And it's not a fast cooldown by any means. This is a solid 4-5 days in the 70s. It's still a bit too warm for my liking imo. I prefer we hit 70s when it's June.
  6. Just took the dog for a walk and it is cold... rainy... and windy out there. The windchill effect is in full force tonight.
  7. Stevens picked up a foot and Snoqualmie 9” of new snow. 152” and 122” base respectively still. And Mt. Baker at 202” with more to come this weekend! Snowpack looking very healthy heading into the summer.
  8. I haven't been able to look at the models as of late but today got me completely off guard at how chilly it was. During this time of year I like to keep the windows slightly open throughout the day and night and last night I had to wake up to shut it off and turn on the heat. It didn't even warm up much for the day, quite nippy with the winds.
  9. Hmmm.. Interesting! I just thought it's been really cold for some reason, I haven't really looked at the data. Thanks for the info! Also thank for the kind words Tim! It hasn't been easy for us but we're dealing with it. I honestly am looking to brighter days ahead for spring and summer (hopefully not too hot!)!
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