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  1. Go back and read my original argument to bowl games. Pretty sure I said it matters to the student athletes. Who cares if you watch it or not, it matters to them. You brought up an argument as a spectator. Mine was about the student athletes. I’m sure that if your sons were to be involved in any of these sports, bowl games won’t matter to you or them at all. And you’ll tell them, nope you’re not going to the bowl game and I won’t attend to watch you. Because it’s meaningless. Right?
  2. Lmao. Getting to a bowl game means more national exposure and is one of the key component in recruiting future talents. Nearly all of the bowl games are Nationally televised. Winning a bowl game also helps in next season’s preseason ranking. In the end it’s all about making money and making it to bowl games means more money for the university and athletic programs. More money? Better recruitment. Tell that to a program that have to fight their butts off to get to a bowl game and how “meaningless” it is for them. It’s more than just participation trophy.
  3. Thurs/Friday is quite wet for the Puget Sound and the Seattle area on the Euro. Should push the monthly totals to above normal. Then we go onto a period of dry stretch to start out Nov. Can't complain. Some nice chilly temps as well. in the upper 30s for lows first week of Nov.
  4. I'd still like to see us score something meaningful in Dec./Jan. The late season stuff have been great but I would love to see something in the heart of winter. Not to take anything away from this outlook, just my personal preference.
  5. Yeah. Going to a bowl game actually matters a lot for a lot of these student athletes. Considering what? There are about 40 bowl games in the nation for the 2021-2022 season. Not meaningless at all.
  6. Sacramento official 24 hours totals yesterday was 5.44”. Broke the record from 1880. Unreal. SEA’s wettest day all time was 5.02”
  7. I think so, the most memorable one was that insane comeback from the Seahawks the year after they won the superbowl. Same year they lost to the Pats. Rodgers still can’t live that one down.
  8. SEA should be nearing 3” if not go over for next few days. As of 10/24, 2.54”. Amazingly, it still looks like could end up below normal (3.91”) for the month.
  9. Rodgers still needs to get over the playoffs hump. Of all the accolades and awards, he’s surprisingly 1-0 in the SB with 1 appearance. Russ has more appearances.
  10. No surprises because Pete is a rah rah players coach. Belichick is like a robot.
  11. Exactly, it’s no difference than right now because I’m loving the fact that the Pats are struggling. Next team is GB.
  12. I wouldn’t say the LOB era was cocky, they played with a huge swag because they know their own talent. But cocky, swag…. Same thing right?
  13. So the 0-9 simulator wasn’t that far off after all.
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