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  1. How is the stars viewing at your home? I would love to be in a location like this!
  2. MossMan after all this puking. Don’t know which way to turn now
  3. Downvote Jesse is gone. now it’s just weenie giving Cascadia.
  4. An easier way to metaphor this is to reference winter. We all love and want lowlands snow here because it’s rather rare. If we were to have it like the mid-west. I’m sure we’re all be sick of it. Go up to the mountains instead
  5. Morning gloom afternoon sunshine. Actual summer perfection around here.
  6. I feel like this is your typical GFS waffles. I would bank on the Euro in this range. Even if it's not a complete wash out.
  7. That band went through produced 0.01 for SEA. And with that, the short lived 5 days dry streak is over.
  8. SEA’s 5 days dry streak may or may not end with with this one. Cutting it kinda close
  9. We're barely making it to the mid-60s prior to the 1pm update. This is a -20 difference at BFI from yesterday.
  10. You can also check (call) some of their warehouses to see if they have some in stock. Sometimes I see them carrying stuff at the warehouses that they don't have at the main stores.
  11. Have you checked the Costco on 4th? I work by here so let me know if you see it.
  12. Don’t know how much of this will reach far inland with the low continuing to spin offshore. It’s definitely wet in Aberdeen.
  13. I still remember the saying about a decade or decade and half ago that summer don't really start around here until after the 4th. Which was mostly true. We've have had plenty of years of enjoying the 4th in the rain. These past few years have made us forgotten about all of that.
  14. GRAMMAR POLICE INCOMING!!! Couldn't care less* Could care less implies you care.
  15. Just checked the 24 hours satellite loop.. the low offshore is out there spinny spinny at stationary forever.
  16. Nice layer of cloud cover now. DT is still clear a little bit from my vantage point at SODO.
  17. I got a relative that booked a 1 way ticket to Seattle arriving tomorrow and said he’ll stay as long as it’s fun and nice here with no return date set. might be a real short trip after seeing this for the 4th.
  18. The bad news regardless is that the 4th falls on a Monday this year so everyone has to work next day anyway. Just enjoy it over the weekend instead.
  19. We’re still at the warm spot here. Which was kinda expected. 72 BFI, 70 SEA. -18 and -20 respectively in 6 hours.
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