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  1. Oh.. and a storm like this in the winter time? it would usher in some arctic air and some snow from those popcorn clouds once the front passes. But now? We're just gonna have to deal with the 50s.
  2. These are an absolutely amazing shot. Got chills looking at them because they're so D**n beautiful. Wow! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Storm update: How are we doing out there? WV imagery She's still spinning and pumping. I love seeing those popcorn clouds on IR so a ton of instability. Should make for a very active Monday and windy as well. Too bad it's a little bit far north to get everyone involved.
  4. Going through a bit of a lull right now but radar is filling in nicely again. Up to 0.33" for the day.
  5. One or the other may have to give. I mean with Pete and Russ…. As much as they don’t want it to be a big deal and the media blows it out of the water, their relationship is a sinking ship. Pete sticks around, Russ is gone
  6. Down to a cool 55 with moderate rain. Up to a little 0.12”
  7. Don’t count out AZ. Kyler is a stud and that team is also stacked. It will go down to the wire with these 2 teams.
  8. Welp. Gonna go into the cellar this year it seems. Maybe sf will join. Nfc west is too stack to have a 2 game deficit right now.
  9. Ball didn’t get There yet and both defenders never looked back ffs. They made rhe tackle before the ball got there
  10. That’s probably a concussion for dk lol D**n he really face plant. Haha
  11. I don’t have a lot of excitement for the rest of the season unless KNJ is gone. Just atrocious and it’s getting worse
  12. This isn’t the same Hawks team that has been consistently beating up on Cousins. He’s way too comfortable in the pocket
  13. Wide open. But wilson also had a defender at his face…. Can’t be missing that tho
  14. Hopefully that injury is not too serious but it looked bad. Knee don’t bend that way
  15. That blob of rain totally hit my area with 0.05" of rain.... still cloudy/rainy out and 61.
  16. I didn’t look either but it’s prolly still gonna be wet early next week. No worries at all!
  17. I wish the storms are moving in this fast. D**n speedy gonzales
  18. Good lord….. people are gonna wake up thinking something exciting happened with the models. not this again…….
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