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  1. As I said, fantasy that is highly unlikely to verify. I just posted it for fun.
  2. Fantasy shown on the CFS control run. Highly unlikely to verify but would be epic if by some miracle it did.
  3. Are you suggesting a February 2019 pattern possible in the PNW during the third week of December?
  4. But this would be a Siberian SSW event and as far as I understand, we want a North Atlantic one to favour GOA blocking. I could be mistaken though. Anybody with more insight want to share?
  5. Does this winter have the same weird +IOD type signature that 1999/2000 had?
  6. Yeah that is exactly my thoughts. Mid-late December timeframe for a legit cold and snowy pattern in the PNW. I have a feeling this winter will deliver the snowy goods. Its -ENSO/+QBO/Low Solar. Main ingredients are in place and we are due for a solid arctic and snowy pattern. Its coming... just be patient everyone.
  7. 2008 was a lot snowier up here in the Fraser Valley than 2019. Colder too. So 2008 is the winner for me.
  8. I agree Phil. The climate goes in cycles. It always has and always will. People who say what happened in the past can not happen again or in our lifetime are just being silly.
  9. December 2006 kept the storms coming too. Two damaging windstorms in a single week hit. January 2007 featured another arctic blast and significant snowfall. 2006/07 was overall a very active winter and goes down in my books as one of the best I've experienced living here.
  10. November 2006 was pretty intense up here in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Numerous atmospheric rivers, damaging windstorms, and then a major snowstorm at the end of the month followed by a significant arctic outbreak. I would not complain about a repeat.
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